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Returnal: How to Beat Nemesis (Biome 3 Derelict Citadel Boss Guide)

Monster of the Derelict Citadel

by Ben Turnbull


Nemesis is the third boss players will face in Returnal, and beating it also marks the end of Act 1, rewarding a much appreciated checkpoint (and the only real checkpoint in the game.) For this reason, it’s important to have a strategy in mind when going up against this boss in the third biome, Derelict Citadel, so that players have a better chance of making it through and not get sent all the way back to the start of the first biome. Here’s how to beat Nemesis in Returnal.

How to Beat Nemesis in Returnal

Nemesis has three phases, the same as all of the other bosses in the game, and will progress to the next (more difficult) phase every time you deplete its health bar. Most weapons are okay to use for this fight, but try to stay away from the Spitmaw Blaster as some of the fight takes place at long range, making it more difficult to get some damage in on the boss. The Tachyomatic Carbine is a good idea, and usually a safe bet for any boss fight.

Phase 1 – Nemesis will fire an array of orbs at the player; blue and red orbs will be hurled first, and you’ll need to use the skills you’ve learned up until now to dodge these orbs as best as you can – you will soon lean the pattern and it will become much easier. Be careful of the purple orbs that will also be thrown at you periodically, which you can dodge like the rest of them. The biggest threat here is the yellow lasers on each side of the boss – these will come at you while you’re trying to dodge the projectiles, so make sure you watch out from either side and get ready to dodge the lasers when you see them charging up.

Phase 2 – The ground will split up during this phase, forcing players to jump around to different platforms and use their grappling hook to move around. Nemesis will disappear and spring out on different platforms, so you’ll need to make sure you manoeuvre to a safe platform when this happens. It’s obvious where Nemesis is about to pop up from via the creatures that shoot yellow lasers. Red and blue orbs will still be shot out, so dodge these when they come for you, while watching out for the laser shooters that will shoot rings onto the platforms.

Phase 3 – Initially this will seem difficult when you’re thrown off and you’re free-falling, but it’s actually easier than the second phase. Make sure that you use your grappling hook to constantly zip to new platforms to get closer to Nemesis so that your weapon does more damage, but be careful not to get too close or you’ll be pushed backwards. The red and blue orbs will need to be dodged, with the boss sending out a vertical array of orbs. Just keep dodging the projectiles like you’ve been doing so far until you’ve done enough damage to beat Nemesis. Act 1 is now complete and you’ll get a well deserved checkpoint.

For some other really useful general tips to help you out that apply to all of the bosses in Returnal, check out our first Boss Guide.

Returnal is available now on PS5.

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