Returnal: How to Start the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode

Going up.

by Noah Nelson


Returnal has received a brand new free update that added an Endless Mode called Tower of Sisyphus. But, it can be difficult to know where to find the Tower of Sisyphus and start the new mode. Also, this update introduced co-op, which you’ll definitely want to check out. Here is how to start the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode in Returnal.

How to Start the Tower of Sisyphus

The Tower of Sisyphus is a free expansion to Returnal that includes an Endless Mode, but it does offer some more story as well. The Tower itself challenges players to climb as high as they can defeating wave after wave of enemies.

The Tower of Sisyphus is accessible to the right of the crash site where you start each run of a standard Returnal game. The catch is that you’ll need to have the Icarian Grapple to access it. The Icarian Grapple is a useful tool that is used through Returnal that is collected after defeating Ixion, the boss in the second biome called Crimson Waste.

Once you have the Icarian Grapple, all you need to do is use it to get up the platform and then use the Sisyphean Translocator on the other side of the door to be transported to the start. Don’t worry, the first area is a safe room to get your bearings and prepare. Once you start the Sisyphean Elevator, you’ll launch into the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode.

When (not if) you die in the Tower of Sisyphus, you will return to the bottom of the tower itself before the elevator. In order to exit the Tower of Sisyphus and get back to the main game, simply use the Sisyphus Translocator and travel back to the crash site.

Can Tower of Sisyphus Be Co-Op?

Oddly enough, Tower of Sisyphus cannot be played in co-op. Though the addition of co-op was introduced with the free Tower of Sisyphus expansion, co-op in Returnal can only be played in the main game. This is surprising and unfortunate, but the main game of Returnal has more than enough to chew on for first-time players to grind through with their friends.

And that is everything you need to know about how to start the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode in Returnal. For more Returnal help like how to beat bosses, check out the rest of our Returnal guides.

Returnal is available on PlayStation 5.

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