Returnal Multiplayer Guide: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Here is how to play Co-Op with friends in Returnal

by Caleb Stultz


When Returnal was first released on the PlayStation 5, it did not come with a co-op multiplayer system. However, since the latest Ascension update, that has changed. Now, players in pairs can get after Atropos together in the latest update to the Returnal. Do you want to know how to play Returnal with your friends? This guide has you covered.

How to Play Co-Op with Friends in Returnal

Like other tough adventures players have embarked upon like the latest Elden Ring or Game of the Year, Hades, Returnal is an extremely tough game to play and even harder to beat. As players make it to the latter portion of the game, Returnal turns it up even higher to make your journey even more brutal. This is why it is important for players who are looking for not only a challenge but some quality time with their buddies should look to add them in the latest multiplayer setting introduced in the Ascension update.

How to Invite Friends

Since its release on March 22, the Ascension update allows for players to engage in co-op multiplayer. To bring a buddy along for your playthrough, you must first interact with the Chronosis portal near the site where you crash-landed. After that, select the option to join the host of the game or join a public cycle. Joining the host will bring you straight to your friend. If you are the host, you must first “host a private cycle.” Joining a public cycle will bring you into any random strangers’ game with possible confusion on both sides.


Returnal Co-Op Restrictions

After you have joined into your friend’s game, you can begin taking on the brutal adventure of Returnal. While the game is similar to singleplayer, co-op mode allows neither player to get too far from the other.

Players who run too far from each other will be teleported by each other. Also, in addition to allowing players into your game, the latest update has also introduced a revival mechanic, which allows either player to heal the other when one player is in a “critical condition.”

Those who choose to join public cycles will be rewarded with an increase in your Scout Rank. Also, scouts will keep their collection of logs and xenoglyphs from their personal games.

Co-op was introduced alongside the Tower of Sisyphus—the newest endless horde mode for Returnal.

Returnal is available on PlayStation 5.

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