Reverse 1999 Bkornblume Build | Best Psychubes and Team Composition

Check out how to bring the best out of one of the game's premier offensive supports!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Bluepoch, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Among the wide array of offensive supports in Reverse 1999, Bkornblume sets herself apart as one of the best given her ability to massively debuff targets while also dealing devastating amounts of damage.

Because of that, she is considered by many —including me personally— as 6-star in a 5-star clotting. To help you unlock her full potential no matter the stage of the game you currently are, here’s the best Bkornblume build in Reverse 1999.

The Best Psychubes for Bkornblume in Reverse 1999

The best Psychube for Bkornblume in Reverse: 1999 is Brave New World. The 6-star Psychube is my main pick given how it will enhance the might of any attack she makes following her Ultimate by 20/40%. Brave New World will also further empower Bkornblume by increasing her Ultimate Might by 18% at level 60.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Although assembling a team without a healer is not recommended, the 6-Star His Bounden Duty is our main pick for those who decide to run Bkornblume on one. Once equipped, the Psychube will allow her to heal after killing targets.

Best 5-Star Psychube for Bkornblume

The best 5-star Psychube for Bkornblume is The Footloose. The 5-star Psychube will increase her Ultimate Might by 15%, as well as increase the damage she will deal to enemies whose HP is higher than 50% by 8/16%.

Reverse 1999 Best Bkornblume Team Compositions

Given her hyper-offensive playstyle, the best teams for Bkornblume should feature, apart from her, a main damage dealer capable of dealing massive damage without any build-up —my main picks would be Charlie or Centurion— and a highly damaging healer. As usual, the fourth party member slot should be reserved by either another DPS or a secondary healer.

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For the main healer slot, my main pick would be Sotheby, given her ability to apply constant poison to targets. If she is not available, go for either Medicine Pocket or Balloon Party. Dikke can also work really well as part of hyperaggressive teams.

The Best F2P Team Compositions for Bkornblume

The best fully F2P team composition for Bkornblume should feature her as its main support, either Eagle or Charlie as its main DPS, and either La Source or Balloon Party as dedicated healers. This can also be considered one of the best early game compositions in the game, given how Eagle can be acquired and then fully enhanced early on.

This guide was made while playing Reverse: 1999 on PC.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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