Reverse 1999 Sotheby Build: Best Psychubes and Team Composition

This is the best build for Sotheby in Reverse: 1999.

by Diego Perez
Reverse 1999 Sotheby
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Sotheby is one of the best support units in Reverse: 1999, and this powerful healer can carry your team through the game’s hardest content. She’ll be the most effective with the team and Psychube, though, so here’s how to build Sotheby in Reverse: 1999.

Best Reverse 1999 Sotheby Build

While Sotheby is an incredibly capable 6-Star healer, you need to build her correctly in order to get the most out of her.

Sotheby’s playstyle revolves around the poison and cure status effects, wearing down enemies’ health bars slowly while keeping your team’s HP topped off every round. She has ways of dealing burst damage by instantly triggering the poison effect as well, making Sotheby a strong support unit overall.

Best Sotheby Psychubes in Reverse 1999

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best 6-Star Psychube for Sotheby is her signature “That Inquisitive Dear,” which comes with a Healing Done stat boost. Its Amplification lets Sotheby heal the ally with the lowest HP every time she casts a basic Incantation debuff for 24% of her ATK every round. Since Sotheby will mainly be casting poison debuffs when she’s on the field, this is essentially a free heal every turn.

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Another great 6-Star option for Sotheby is the “Her Second Life” Psychube, which heals all allies for 32% of Sotheby’s ATK whenever she uses her Ultimate. It also comes with an ATK boost stat, which further increases the potency of that heal.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

For 5-Star Psychubes, there’s “Laughter and Laughter” and “Decode.” The former grants Sotheby a boost to Healing Done at the start of every turn (stacking up to 4 times) and the latter comes with a boosted Healing Done stat, making them both viable options for a support-oriented Sotheby build. You could also use “Yearning Desire” to make Sotheby do more damage, increasing her Incantation Might and boosting her damage against enemies with negative status effects like poison.

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Best Sotheby Team Composition

Because she’s a healer, Sotheby easily slots into just about any team composition. You can use her with your favorite characters without worrying about their synergy since every unit in the game benefits from healing and debuffed enemies.

Best Overall Sotheby Team

Sotheby’s offensive abilities revolve around poisoning enemies. For a poison-centric, team you can use the following units:

  • Sotheby
  • Rabies
  • Sonetto

With Sotheby and Rabies applying poison debuffs to your enemies and Sonetto buffing/debuffing alongside them, this team can take on most challenges in Reverse: 1999.

DOT Sotheby Team

Another strong pairing for Sotheby is The Fool, who can taunt enemies and unleash strong DoT attacks that pair well with Sotheby’s poison. Rabies works well in this composition too.

  • Sotheby
  • Rabies
  • The Fool

Best F2P Sotheby Team

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Since Sotheby fits into most team compositions without much friction, she’s one of the most free-to-play friendly units in the entire game. Here’s a solid F2P team composition for Sotheby:

  • Sotheby
  • Sonetto
  • Eagle

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With Sotheby poisoning and Sonetto debuffing, Eagle will have a super easy time dealing burst Plant damage and swiftly taking out enemies. Plus, Eagle’s abilities deal increased damage to enemies with negative status effects (like Sotheby’s poison) as long as you have her Portray level high enough.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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