Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Answers: Fish and Chips, Peas Puree, Escape Route, Animals, and Tiny Acorn

Get lots of cool rewards for completing these Reverse: 1999 Chapter 3 Trails!

by J.R. Waugh
Reverse 1999 Chapter 3 Answers
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Following the pattern of Chapters 1 and 2, Reverse: 1999 Chapter 3 gives you more opportunities to earn clear drops, but you’ll need to answer the questions for several Trails first. This guide will show you the answers so you can clear your map in Reverse: 1999 Chapter 3!

All Chapter 3 Trail Answers in Reverse: 1999

There are 4 Trails, 2 of which require answers to some questions while others involve activities and fetch quests in Reverse 1999’s third story chapter.

Similar to Chapter 2, one of the Trails features a pretty fun puzzle, while the others can be pretty cryptic, but the Clear Drops are worth it to get those pulls!

Tiny Acorn

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“You need a small acorn to learn everything about the tree with a name.” The Tiny Acorn is obtained by answering the question from the 3-15 Trail after clearing that story chapter.

Fish and Chips and Peas Puree

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This set of pantry questions has some quick and easy answers below:

  • Where are the fish and chips? Basket
  • Where is the peas puree? Cabinet

Interestingly, these are case-sensitive toward the first letters, so lowercase ‘basket’ and ‘cabinet’ are not accepted.

Plan of Escape Route

This puzzle requires you to form a path from points marked 1 through 5, in that specific order. Here’s the solution:

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree hole listened to that song with you?

The answer is Red squirrels and woodpeckers. Once again, it’s case-sensitive.

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The challenges in Reverse: 1999’s Trails continue to stay different from one another, and while the typed answers can be a bit jarring, they’re quite rewarding to beat. With how much of an upward climb the difficulty can get in Chapter 3, it’s good to give the right answers and beat the Trails so you get access to the best characters possible!

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2023

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