Riders Republic: All Ski and Snowboard Tricks List

How to pull off every Ski and Snowboard trick in the book to earn yourself more Stars.

by Thomas Cunliffe


Learning how to perform Ski and Snowboard tricks in Riders Republic won’t only make you look cool, but it will also help you earn more Stars and score more points, too. Skis and Snowboards have mostly the same tricks and are mechanically very similar. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out ‘Riders Republic: All Bike Tricks List‘ to hone up on your biking skills, too. It’s just as important, especially since Mass Races will switch between sports.

In this guide, we’ve listed all Ski and Snowboard tricks in Riders Republic, as well as how and when to use them.

Ski and Snowboard Rotation Tricks in Riders Republic

Trickster Mode will use the right stick for all rotation tricks in Riders Republic, while Racer Mode will use buttons.


Spins are the safest tricks to pull off and are best used on small jumps.

R/FS Spin: X > B /> O / Left > Right

L/BS Spin: B > X / O > / Right > Left


Flips are harder to land than spins, but are still quite simple. Save these for slightly bigger jumps, like ramps.

Frontflip: A > Y / X > / Down > Up

Backflip: Y > A / > X / Up > Down

Misty and Rodeo

Only attempt Misty and Rodeo on big jumps, as they can only be landed every 1.5 rotations. Bio & Cork need a 1080° rotation to land perfectly, but can be landed with a 720°

L/FS Misty: A > X / X > / Down > Left

R/BS Misty: A > B / X > O / Down > Right

L/FS Rodeo: Y > X / > / Up > Left

R/BS Rodeo: Y > B / > O / Up > Rigtht

R/FS Bio/Cork: X > A / > X / Left > Down

L/BS Bio/Cork: B > A / O > X / Right > Down

L/FS Cork: B > Y / O > △ / Right > Up

R/BS Cork: X > Y / ▢ > △ / Left > Up

Snowpark and Off-Track Ski and Snowboard Tricks in Riders Republic

Ski and Snowboard tricks use the left stick to perform in Riders Republic, along with the right and/or left trigger.

Snowpark Snowboard

Stalefish: RT (R2) + Right

Nuclear Method: RT (R2) + Down

Roastbeef: RT (R2) + Left

Tailgrab: RT (R2) + Up

Weddle: LT (L2) + Right

Nosegrab: LT (L2) + Down

Method: LT (L2) + Left

Japan: LT (L2) + Up

D. Driver: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Right

Rocketair: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Down

Holycrail: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Left

Dracula: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Up

Off-Tracks Snowboard

Indy: RT (R2) + Right

Crail: RT (R2) + Down

Stiffy: RT (R2) + LEft

Tuckinee: RT (R2) + up

Melon: LT (L2) + Right

Euromethod: LT (L2) + Down

Suitcase: LT (L2) + Left

Seatbelt: LT (L2) + Up

Truckdriver: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Right

Cookie Monster: LT (L2) + RT (R2) +  Down

Dracula: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Left

Popair: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Up

Snowpark Skis

Safety: RT (R2) + Right

Blunt: RT (R2) + Down

Japan: RT (R2) + Left

Weddle: RT (R2) + Up

Genie: LT (L2) + Right

Nosegrab: LT (L2) + Down

Taipan: LT (L2) + Left

Tailgrab:  LT (L2) + Up

Double Genie: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Right

Rocketair: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Down

Bow & Arrow: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Left

Double TailLT (L2) + RT (R2) + Up

Off-Tracks Skis

Liu Kang: RT (R2) + Right

Nose Weddle: RT (R2) + Down

Seatbelt: RT (R2) + Left

Cuban: RT (R2) + Up

Critical: LT (L2) + Right

Inside Safety: LT (L2) + Down

Phil: LT (L2) + Left

Toxic: LT (L2) + Up

Brebis: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Right

Venom: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Down

Octograb: LT (L2) + RT (R2) + Left

Truckdriver: LT (L2) + RT (R2) +

Grind Ski and Snowboard Tricks in Riders Republic

‘Grind manual mode’ can be enabled in the settings, which allows new ways to score, but the game won’t automatically allow you to grind anymore.

50-50: Release B / O / Right a few meters before the end of the rail

Boardslide: Release B / O / Right  when approaching the rail, using the left stick held to the left to ensure the board or skis are perpendicular with the rail.

Exit & Transfer: Aim in the direction of the rail you want to transfer to and release B / O

Nose/Tail Press: While grinding, hold up on the left stick to Nose Press or down to Tail Press

Rail Turn: Hold the left stick to the left or right in the direction you would like to go.

Remember, you can always practice at the ‘Tricks Academy’ in Riders Ridge, which shows you exactly how to perform certain tricks and provides courses suitable for the trick you selected. If you’re wondering what counts as a ‘New’ trick, you can visit our guide on How to Perform New Tricks in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. You can find our full coverage of the game, including more helpful guides, on the Riders Republic tag page.


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