Roblox Arsenal Codes (December 2021)

Now you can brag about your new skins and buy something with your newly acquired currency.

by Carlos Hurtado


Are you looking for some Roblox Arsenal codes? If you are still looking for codes, then your search stops here. Roblox Arsenal brings you the gun game experience for free. This Roblox title has all the mechanics you come to expect from the gun game mode. So if you were a fan of the game mode, you will not be disappointed.

Arsenal is a massive success on the Roblox platform. The game has more than 3 billion visits and 8 million favorites. Currently, it gathers around 20 thousand active players surpassing many Roblox titles in its category. The fast-paced gameplay coped with the exciting effects and weapons makes it a must-play game in the Roblox library.

Like many Roblox games, Arsenal lets you redeem codes to earn free rewards in the game. This is a common practice among some Roblox games, and many more are implementing it. The opportunity to get free items and in-game currency makes many players go back to see what is new with the game.

Working Roblox Arsenal Codes

  • POG – Redeem code for 1,200 Bucks
  • NEVERBROKEN – Redeem for Beatable Calling Card
  • GARCELLO – Redeem for a garcello skin, garcello kill effect and a emote
  • BLOXY – Redeem code for Free Money
  • ROLVE – Redeem code for Fanboy Skin
  • Bandites – Redeem code for Bandites Announcer Voice
  • EPRIKA – Redeem code for Eprika Announcer Voice
  • FLAMINGO – Redeem code for Flamingo Announcer Voice
  • JOHN – Redeem code for John Announcer Voice
  • KITTEN – Redeem code for Koneko Announcer Voice
  • PET – Redeem code for PetrifyTV Announcer Voice
  • ANNA – Redeem code for Anna Skin
  • F00LISH – Redeem code for Jackeryz Skin
  • CBROX – Redeem code for Phoenix Skin
  • POKE – Redeem code for Poke Skin

Expired Roblox Arsenal Codes

  • 3BILLY – Holoend Kill Effect.
  • NEWMILO – Delinquent skin with the Milo unusual.
  • NEWMILO (WOMAN) – Rabblerouser skin with the Milo unusual.
  • MILO – Delinquent skin.
  • unusualbias – Suspicious Stranger Skin.
  • CharityACT5k 
  • CastlersUnusual100k – Ace Pilot Skin.
  • BLOXY – Free Money.
  • ROLVE – Fanboy Skin.
  • POG – 1,200 Bucks.
  • Bandites – Bandites Announcer Voice.
  • EPRIKA – Eprika Announcer Voice.
  • FLAMINGO – Flamingo Announcer Voice.
  • JOHN – John Announcer Voice.
  • KITTEN – Koneko Announcer Voice.
  • PET – PetrifyTV Announcer Voice.
  • ANNA – Anna Skin.
  • F00LISH – Jackeryz Skin.
  • CBROX – Phoenix Skin.
  • POKE – Poke Skin.

How to redeem your new codes

Right after starting the game, you will found a small Twitter icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. There is where you need to enter the codes and start enjoying their new skins.

If you are looking for more free content for other Roblox games like Grand Piece Online, Ninja Legends, and Squid Game, go to any of the links and get more free stuff.

Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SIOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2021

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