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Roblox: How to Get Free Luobu Avatar Items

Get them while they're here!

by Andron Smith


Looking for how to get free Luobu Avatar Items in Roblox and just can’t seem to locate them? Well, you’re in luck as we have the lowdown on how to get the LuoBu Party Ballon, Party Hair, Baseball Cap, Party Crown, and Party Shades for free. The way to do this differs between the browser (Xbox one uses a browser for the avatar shop as well) and the mobile app so we’ll provide both ways and even describe each item so you know what you’re getting in the end. Read on to learn how to get free Luobu Avatar items in Roblox today!

What even is a LuoBu?

Roblox gained a large amount of popularity over the past few years with the game available in many different countries. It wasn’t until July 13th of this year that Roblox went fully live in China with the help of Tencent. The name being used was “Roblox in China” and naturally, this was shortened officially and took on the name Luobu. After this launch and the Roblox Company going public (publicly traded on the US stock market) this past March, it appears it’s time to celebrate! Of note, these items all have a description of being limited for a week so be sure to get them ASAP. With that history lesson out of the way, here’s how to get those free Luobu Avatar items.


How to Get Free Luobu Avatar Items Using a Browser


To get the Free Luobu Avatar items using a browser, you will need to use the Avatar Shop on the Roblox website. Once there, search for LuoBu, and the items should appear as needed. If you’d like more specific steps, we wrote those out for you right here.

  • Start by opening a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge
  • Navigate to and log in
  • At the top of the page, click Avatar Shop
  • Now, you’ll see a lot of things but locate the search bar with the little magnifying glass
  • Type in LuoBu then press enter on your keyboard
  • It should pop up with the items that are currently available for free
  • Click on each one then click Get
  • Click Get Now (remember, these are free items so if they charge you anything, you are on the wrong item and should not continue)
  • Go back a screen and do this for all the free items and there you go!
  • To equip the new items, go back to your Avatar Editor and use your inventory to equip as you would normally


How to Get Free Luobu Avatar Items From the Mobile App


To get the LuoBu avatar items on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to access the Avatar Shop from the Roblox Mobile App. From here, you would set the filter to featured then set the price filter to free. Again, we don’t want to leave you hanging so here’s a nice breakdown of each step for you.

  • Open your Roblox Mobile app
  • Press the Avatar Icon which should be located in the middle
  • Press Shop on the right side
  • Press Featured on the bottom left to filter these
  • Press Price then change it to Free (it will usually be set with a price)
  • The Luobu items should now show up
  • Press each one and confirm you want them (remember, these are free so if they charge you anything, you are on the wrong item and should not continue)
  • Once you have each one you want, to equip them, go back to the avatar screen then press customize and equip from there

What All the Roblox LuoBu Avatar Items Look Like

  • Luobu Baseball Cap – Is a dark cap that your avatar will wear on its head. On the surface, it shows a simplified Chinese phrase of 罗布乐思 which translates to Luóbù lè sī or Robles in English. Yep, it literally is a hat that says Luobu on it. This is the only item that doesn’t say it is limited for the week.
  • Luobu Party Shades – Are a pair of glasses that look to have visualizer effects but don’t actually move. The description of the item reads” There are music waves lingering in your eyes. Anyone who sees you would want to dance with you….” Pretty Funky.
  • Luobu Party Balloon – This is a back accessory that swings around as you run and looks festive as heck.
  • Luobu Party Crown – Another hat for you to wear and look kingly as you do it.
  • Luobu Party Hair – Funky multicolored hair for your avatar that will be sure to wow onlookers that missed out.


Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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