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Best Run & Gun classes for Call of Duty: Ghosts

| December 12, 2013

Best Run & Gun classes for Call of Duty: Ghosts GameGuides  Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts might not be the most friendly Call of Duty game to those who like a faster paced game.  Some of the scoring systems and killstreak rewards definitely pay more handsomely for the patient “camping” player, but running and gunning in Call of Duty is still fun nonetheless.

We had some time with all versions of the game, and found that there a couple of viable setups for fans of the Run and Gun style of play.

Best Run & Gun Class for Call of Duty: Ghosts

Gun – MTAR – X

Attachments – Red Dot, Flash Suppressor

Secondary – None

Lethal – Semtex

Perks – Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Agility, Quick Draw, Marathon

Strike Package – Support – Bulletproof Vests, Night Owl, Oracle

So why is this class good for Run and Gun players?  The MTAR-X is probably the best gun in the game when it comes to heads up one on one battles in close quarters.  While it loses its accuracy at longer distances, you won’t find yourself in too many situations that you can’t win with this weapon.  That goes double when you include the red dot sights and flash suppressor.  As usual, you’ll want to stick to tight areas, long narrow hallways, and avoid open spaces.  The MTAR-X combined with the ready up and quick draw perks will make you almost unstoppable in the smaller more enclosed spots on the map.  You’ll also win a lot of one-on-one battles due to your faster draw.  Agility and Marathon will allow you to navigate around the map quickly, couple that with your fast draw and accurate weapon, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Run and Gun players will be better off going with the Support Class in Call of Duty: Ghosts.  While really good players will still be able to rack-up traditional killstreaks, this play style tends to have you dying quite a bit, until you get comfortable with it.  That’s why we recommend the trio of Bulletproof Vests, the Night Owl, and Oracle.  These perks can be traded for whatever you like, but we think this is your best bet for racking up kills.  Bulletproof vests will make you harder to take down, and once you get rolling, the Night Owl and Oracle will make you into a killing machine that give you a completely unfair advantage against the competition.

You can tweak this set-up depending on your play style.  If you’re less inclined to be running, you can swap out perks for others within the system and still the get the same results.  So long as you keep the core of the kit intact.  You’ll definitely want the agility, ready-up, and quick-draw perks in each class you choose to use for running and gunning in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Have you got a favorite Run and Gun class for Call of Duty: Ghosts?  Let us know in the comments section, below.

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  • Whitbizzle

    I suck at this game 85% of the time. I wish they would bring back Demolition, by far the best game mode. I am enjoying Blitz though

    • Demo turned in to who could spawn trap who better 90% of the time. I miss CTF and hard point.

    • derp

      I miss demo to mate :/

    • Legomonlee

      its ok man i’m a noob here but i suggest watching ali-a’s mtar-x video. That really helped me a lot. i don’t know about you but hope it helps.

    • Mike Bedard

      Try going into squad play online wargame recruit and click play now you will play online with only bots

  • WADE13x

    How about any class

  • njb

    ive got one you might like

    Dead Silence
    Off the grid

    You wont be detectable by Satcoms or pings. You wont make any Footstep sound and you can hear enemy players Very clearly and that gives you such an advantage. If you know the maps and the sounds you make on different surfaces Amplify is your best friend.

    You can add what ever perks you want with the remaining slots.

    Honey Badger is a sweet assault rifle, has a built in suppressor so that saves you an attachment slot and its a good short – Mid range weapon.

    • I destroy dead silence users in ghosts. They messed up by making amplify cancel dead silence out.

      • njb

        that makes it balanced.

        Every Perk and attachment should have a counter

        If i crouch walk you wont hear a thing

  • therapiist

    Once i started playing no one was playing PTFO. it was nothing but snipers all the time

  • #TheRace

    Cranked = Best Game Mode

    • nOrRiss

      No not for everyone – only for fast paced players like u i guess

      • knowitall

        Well for run and gun gameplay like this forum then yes.

  • haadi

    i am very good on this game. Every thing is out standing. The one i like is last. In the perks there is some thing perk. How do you get rank up? the best one is xbox 360 is it?

  • haadi

    the is a good. call of duty mw3 is also

  • haadi

    one person is soap in mw3

  • haadi

    this a very cool game

  • guest

    what about the remington r5 but this works very well

    • DecidingHare

      The remington is a Assault Rifle, one of the best I might add, but for Run ‘n Gun people usually look for a really rapid fire weapon.

  • Janal

    I play COD a lot, i do really spend much time playing it. yet idk why but somehow i don’t see myself improving,, :(( i’m kinda good sometime, but i suck at it most of the time

    • Prince

      You need a party to play with

    • bamafan

      Play squads. It will help your game. Also in cod, map knowledge is key

    • Kam

      By far honey badger fore grip armour pierced

      Ready up, stalker, dead silence, resilience, focus, hardline

      I.M.S, trinity rocket, battle hind

      Best rush class! Simple streaks too, good for a domination games etc…

  • BAmkER57

    try playing hunted until you get better, you all start out with pistols and fight your way for more guns

  • big mike

    he suggests using: Perks – Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Agility, Quick Draw, Marathon

    how do you use all 5? seems like I’m 1 point short….

    • Joost

      If you choose NO flash grenade you have a extra perk point also with secondary weapon and normal grenades

      • big mike


    • DecidingHare

      It increases the # of perks you can have if you go with no secondary or no tactical equipment

    • a name


  • DecidingHare

    Thank you so much for this, I did 9000% better after I read this

  • baggy

    bulldog shotgun for run and gun all day long hip fire only

  • josh

    this game is garbage its all about camping its lame and boring bf4 is so much better

    • mvandy

      Agreed. At least on battlefield you can develop a strategy to deal with people who like to hole up like cowards in choke points. Oh no, you’re a camping little bitch? That’s cool. Lemme come at you with a couple of main gun rounds from a tank. And it’s balanced. Asshole (like me) running around with a tank? Make a vbied with a four Wheeler and c4. Problem solved. I find it funny that my kd is garbage on any cod game, but put me toe to toe with the same guys on bf and I’ll run roughshod over them all day, every day. And not even on the big, vehicle dominated maps. I go positive on just about every map, any game mode, most matches. I generally finish in the top 3 if not first.

    • Nick Felstead

      Lol your joking josh, BF is a completely broken game, if they ever fix it it’ll take years. However it is more realistic than any call of duty game. Because of having bullet drop because you have to compensate as you would in real life because a bullet only travels so far in a straight line. But if you like your games unfussy then call of campers…sorry call of duty is better I’d say.

      • wesley


  • Angel Ofdeath

    Suck at this game but I am happy to run around with the HoneyBadger . . . Red Dot sight and Silencer.

  • Thumb_Havoc

    This game doesn’t suck, you just have to be multifaceted and have more then one trick up your sleeve. These games are designed to be as accurate and life-like as possible… look at every gun in the game, they are actual guns and attachments that exist in real life… equipment too. Consider this: what’s realistic about a mad gunner blazing about a map spraying bullets just to die every minute or 2? Who in real life does that? More likely you would take time to strategize, maybe you wouldn’t camp out and snipe, but you surely wouldn’t dash in hysterically to be mowed down by 3 other players all because you expect to re-spawn seconds later! And what’s realistic about a camper who lets all of his comrades go into battle alone while he skirts the outside only to cover his 6? More likely he would try to at least provide some support fire, right? Here is the reality, like any set of factions, one hates the other… “campers” hate “gun and runners” and “gun and runners” hate “campers”, but both are needed depending on the situation, and until you can become versatile in both, you will score high on some maps with certain opponents and low with others… i.e. an average player. This is the reason for multiple load outs! Practice with the different styles of play, it will also help you understand how the other operates and give you an advantage when playing against them. The feeling of the sway on the sniper rifle and knowing when to exploit the reload , or the pell-mell havoc of close quarter combat and knowing when to come around a corner at just the right time.

    • Bacon Jesus

      Lol, the guns may be real but what about night owl, vulture, ect. Where are these at in todays modern warfare? At the end of the day, these are only games. They weren’t meant to be real life simulators. COD has the most campers i’ve ever seen in a single fps, one COD game probally has more campers than most other fps’s entire franchise. Do i still like COD? Of course. But these games are just games and were never meant to be anything more. If these games were attempting to real, many of you wouldnt like them. They would all essentially be stuck in hardcore mode, no map, no Kill streaks, chain of command, no quick scopes, no drop shots, no multiple lives, no c4 throws, non of the things that are indigenous to the COD franchise. In the end, these games were made to entertain you, not simulate warfare.

  • ethan Miller

    Best game ever

  • G500phenom

    M27 IAR tracker sight, muzzle break;
    Ready up, marathon, incognito, blast shield, hard line.
    Assault; trinity rocket, battle hind, helo pilot

  • jesusman674

    Man to be honest you would be better off with three attachments,foregrip,reddot,rapid fire, the no secoundary or lethal or tactical with perks slight of hand, agility,marathon, dead silence, extra attachments. Note dead silence can be replaced with scavenger if you are prone to motdie alot. This gives you speed, maneuverability, short to mid range, and stability. Trust me give it a try i think you will enjoy it.

  • RaTa

    I miss one in a chamber

  • Ki77ER_7

    SMG: vector/ripper
    Attachments: Silencer & Foregrip
    No equipment or tactical
    Perks: ready up, slight of hand, marathon, dead silence, amplify, scavenger..I use scavenger due to ammo running don’t need to waste 3 perks spots for quickdraw…SMGs already draw fast..

    • nipples

      Foregrip actually has no effect what so ever, the bullet spread is exactly the same with or without it, id recomend trackrr sight, it can be used to look for enemies, and can be put away when running around

  • LifeHacks414

    bizon: armor piercing rounds, vmr sight(very clear reticle), grip
    no secondary
    no tacs or lethals
    perks:extra atachment, agility, slight of hand, marathon, scavenger (due to ridiculous ammo consumption)
    this is a very high power, high speed, high accuracy weapon class perfect for close to far combat in any map

  • EdgeOfLucifer

    I’m a hardcore player, and I think it definitely changes the way you want to set up your run and gun. I run the Bizon with the Muzzle Brake and Armor-Piercing, no secondary, and either an I.E.D. or a Throwing Knife, depending on my mood. Perks: Ready Up, Agility, Marathon, Dead Silence, and Blast Shield. Strike Package: Sat Com, Guard Dog, and Battle Hind. It works pretty good in hardcore and even on maps such as Stone Haven, I usually end up in the top three killers in the lobby…usually. }:) Hope that helps out with the hardcore guys and gals.

  • Petey LeClair

    Weapon: Mtar x
    Attachments: red dot foregrip
    Lethal: none
    Tactical: none
    Perks: sleight of hand, deadeye, dead silence, focus
    Specialist package: scavenger, marathon, amplify, stalker.

    Helps every time!!

  • Blub blub

    This class setup is identical to the one on tmartn YouTube channel. Just sayyying…..


    VEPR is a great spray and pray gun as well as a run and gun weapon… Crazy high damage and good accuracy, though I have LOVED the mtar from the beginning

  • Robert harwood

    Primary:shotgun with holographic scope, and the flash suspenser secondary: magnam 44 with two attachments the tactical knife and the armor piercing bullets

  • FearlessPlaymaker


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