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Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Cheat Codes Guide

by Dean James


Games like Grand Theft Auto created the mold for sandbox style games, but Saints Row IV has made a point to separate itself greatly from that series. However, that does not mean there are still not any similarities, with one of the best being the ability to enter a variety of very fun cheat codes.

Cheat codes are not all that prevalent in gaming anymore, especially with the creation of achievements and trophies, but it is great to see some games maintain this classic element of gaming. With Saints Row IV: Re-Elected hitting store shelves, both physically and digitally, it seemed like a perfect time to revisit the array of cheats that can be accessed in the game.

As per usual, using any of these will disable the auto-save feature and achievements and trophies cannot be unlocked at all. Opening a prior save without the codes will re-enable these features.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, just like the original, makes it very simple to enter cheat codes. Simply open the menu and choose “Extras” and then “Cheats.” Enter any of the following codes below to get the specific ability, with the code listed first and the description and in-game name of the code after:

  • ascii – “ASCII mode” (ASCII Mode)
  • bigheadmore – “Big Head Mode” (Give Cash)
  • cheese – “Instantly gives you cash” (Give Cash)
  • evilcars – “All cars try to run you over” (Evil Cars)
  • fastforwards – “Time speeds up” (Fast Forward)
  • fryhole – “All dead go to heaven” (Heaven Bound)
  • goodygoody – “Removes all existing Notoriety” (Clear Notoriety)
  • hohoho – “All pedestrians are pimps and hos” (Pimps and Hos)
  • insanecity – “Everyone has gone insane!” (Insane City)
  • isquishyou – “Your vehicle smashes other vehicles” (Vehicle Smash)
  • letsrock – “Gives you a full suite of weapons” (Weapons)
  • mascot – “All pedestrians are mascots” (Mascots)
  • noglitchcity – “We fixed the glitch” (No Glitches)
  • runfast – “You can sprint forever” (Infinite Sprint)
  • unlockitall – “Unlocks and purchases all non-super Upgrades” (All Upgrades)
  • vroom – “Your vehicle is immune to damage” (Vehicle No Damage)

In addition to these that can be entered, the game comes with the following already available that just needed to be activated:

  • Never Die – “You will never die”
  • Infinite Ammo – “Gives you infinite ammo for all weapons”
  • Unlimited Clip – “You never have to reload because your clip runneth over forever”
  • All Super Upgrades – “Unlocks and purchases all Super Power Upgrades”
  • 100% Super Powers – “Maxes out Super Power Strength”
  • Car Mass Hole – “Your vehicle has infinite mass and smashes other vehicles out of the way”

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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