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Samurai Shodown Guide: How To Pick Up Your Weapon

Everything you need to know about picking up your dropped weapon.

by Jelani James

So, you’re up against an opponent who knows what they’re doing. Using one of Samurai Shodown’s signature disarming techniques, they’ve caused you to drop your weapon, leaving you at a disadvantage.

Don’t worry though: you can pick it back up.

Picking Up Your Weapon


In the chance your opponent forces you to drop your weapon, all you need to do is press A (Light Slash) while standing over it.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Any opponent worth their salt will try their damnedest to prevent you from picking up your weapon, and you’ll have little means to protect yourself. Your three slash buttons will be replaced by punches, successful guards no longer cause the opponent to recoil, and you lose access to the overwhelming majority of your special techniques.

However, within that moment of vulnerability lies a chance for victory.

While unarmed, you’ll have access to a technique called Blade Catch, which not only allows you to disarm the opponent when timed right, but also sends them flying across the screen.

If there were any chance to pick up your weapon, then that would be the time. So do it and get your licks in while the tables are turned.

That’s it on picking up your weapon in Samurai Shodown. Getting disarmed is always a scary situation, but just keep calm, play smart and you should be able to get out of your predicament without too many injuries.

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