SCUM Update Patch Notes

Rain collection, foot abrasions and more.

by AOTF Staff

Update has arrived for SCUM and here’s the full list of changes and fixes in this release.  As the post- 0.6 updates start to hit Gamepires has issued a number of new features to the game as well as some bug fixes, quality of life changes, and more.  This update is currently available on Steam and available for immediate download.

The main features of this SCUM update is in some big in-game features.  These are with the ability to collect rain water and drink it.  Players also have some new body effects to contend with in being able to get drunk & get foot abrasions to make life tougher.  Weapon mechanics also see changes in this update with changes to the way magazines are loaded and weapon parts.

You can read the full patch notes for SCUM update below:

SCUM Update Patch Notes

Water Collection

  • You can now collect and drink rain.  This can be done with bottles or by building a rain collector

New Body Effects

  • Drunkeness
  • Foot Abrasions

Weapon Mechanics

  • Loading magazines
  • Weapon Parts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where vehicle would jump if malfunctioned weapon is put in its storage
  • Fixed audio issue when refueling dirt-bikes
  • Fixed nutrition data for Crow Drumsticks
  • Fixed hand grip for Crow Drumsticks
  • Fixed typo in Beepollen Pills item caption
  • Fixed the bug where burying from inventory was not possible on very steep slopes
  • Fixed the bug where ZF39 scope was not centered properly on Kar98 and Mosin Nagant
  • Fixed the bug where traps where displayed as “Unknown” in the kill logs
  • Fixed the bug where players would get fame points when someone they killed committed suicide right after
  • Fixed the bug where Drill press and Lathe machine would take damage
  • Fixed First Person drinking animation
  • Fixed incorrect crosshair reticle position on multiple scopes
  • Fixed the bug where Improvised Stab-proof vest was stronger than the regular ones
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn’t place any items in the improvised raincoat
  • Fixed the bug with crafting the Island Special cocktail
  • Fixed the bug where Hemostatic dressing wasn’t showing properly in the vicinity
  • Fixed the bug where tooltip entries wouldn’t update properly
  • Fixed multiple level, foliage and terrain design bugs
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to use handgun on hellrider bike
  • Fixed the bug where items would stay in hand while picking up a bike
  • Fixed the bug where metabolism tab would overlap over other tabs
  • Fixed the bug where the health panel button was glowing when health panel was open
  • Fixed the bug where magazines in throwing slot was not updating when filled with ammo
  • Fixed the bug where cocktails would have no usage after crafting
  • Fixed the bug where puppets didn’t drop clothing properly upon search
  • Fixed the bug where parts of the interaction menu would sometimes appear out of the screen bounds
  • Fixed the bug where player would sometimes recover form knockout on the other side of the wall
  • Fixed the bug that would cause you to die in Single Player by falling out of the map

QoL Changes

  • You can now perform bondage using wire and tree bark rope
  • Magazine icon will now show if there are bullets in the magazine
  • Rag shoes are now easier to craft
  • Improvised Bulletproof armor, Improvised raincoat and Improvised shotgun are now easier to craft
  • Endurance skill experience gain is faster now
  • Radio and Music Player volume increment/decrement step is now smaller
  • Quick access bar and its accessories will be hidden when any UI tab is open
  • Motorcycles decelerate less when having a handgun out
  • All dances are now looped
  • Increased Wine Cork spawn rates
  • Adjusted rain falling intervals

Other Changes

  • Endurance skill now properly affects energy/water usage speed
  • Drinking gasoline will now make you vomit earlier
  • Buffed 9mm damage (a tiny bit)
  • Tooltips for Running skill, Endurance skill and Stamina have been improved
  • Improved weapon magazine, bolt and arrow icons
  • Strength gain now reduces if strength is above 4 and reduces further as STR approaches maximum
  • Audio optimizations

You can find the full list of changes and fixes on the official developers patch notes on Steam.  SCUM is currently available on Steam via PC.

- This article was updated on August 20th, 2021