Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How to Beat Blazing Bull

Take the bull by the horns.

by AOTF Staff

After defeating Gyoubu at the gates of Ashina Castle you will encounter another mini-boss in quick succession if you want to enter the castle proper.  The bull is a daunting enemy with a lot of power who is pretty quick, but there are some rudimentary tactics that work on this beast.  This guide will explain how to beat the blazing bull at Ashina Castle in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

How to beat the bull in Sekiro

The Blazing Bull is the first thing that you’ll encounter when you enter Ashina Castle.  It come charging out of the gates with a flaming log attached to its head.  It will make quick work of the enemies in the area, and then it will begin targeting you.  The area that you are in is pretty small so you’re going to want to try and keep some distance between you and the bull initially until you get some of the patterns down.

The bull’s attacks are fairly basic.  What you’re going to want to do once you’ve got a handle on his patterns is look for an opening where you can get closer.  When the bull gets close to a wall this is a good opportunity to get a little closer to the enemy.  Once you do you can use the Shinobi Firecracker to startle the animal.  When startled the bull will not attack and you can unleash a variety of different attacks on it.

Once you’ve gotten in close on the bull you’re going to want to try and stay there if possible.  The closer you are to the bull the better.  You’re going to want to agressive attack the animal while circling it.  While doing this you’re going to want to pepper it with Shinobi Firecrackers.  Sometimes they will startle, sometimes they won’t.  Either way, you want to keep attacking and using firecrackers.

The bull is most dangerous and incredibly tough to beat if you just try and stick and move, dodging it’s charging attacks.  You want to get in close and spam attacks and firecrackers until you get the deathblow.

Blazing Bull Boss Fight Video Walkthrough