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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments – The Fate Of Peter Black Puzzle Guide

by Dean James


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is mostly about finding evidence and linking them together, but there are also some puzzles to be found within that help to unlock evidence as well. There are two particular puzzles in the first mystery, titled the Fate of Peter Black, so I thought I’d give a quick guide on how to complete them. Granted, you can skip them entirely, but doesn’t it feel so much better to actually complete them?

The first one you come across is in Peter Carey’s cabin after inspecting the table and the tobacco pouch. By opening the pouch, you will receive your first puzzle in the game.

  • Flip the puzzle all the way around with the right analog stick, basically doing a 180
  • Now you will notice the layout of the ship mostly
  • On the right side, you have an object (tobacco leaf) you can actually move left and right
  • The left side of the ship will have a moveable object (smoking pipe) that can go only up and down
  • Troubleshoot a bit with both using the left stick and the rest with the right and you should solve it soon enough
  • The final puzzle should look as seen below


A little bit later, there will be a point where you receive a set of keys from Mrs. Carey to investigate their shed for gardening tools. By using Imagination Space, you will find a loose floorboard that can be removed. Within you will find the next puzzle, which starts in the following way.


  • Start by hitting the left analog stick once to the left
  • Rotate using the right analog stick to where the lines are aligned as seen in the below picture


  • Hit the left analog stick one more time to the left
  • Rotate using the right analog stick again until the lines are all matched up in the middle to unlock the box
  • Take the bundle of letters after unlocking the box

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