Should you Support Ulysses in Robocop Rogue City?

The kid just wants to be a good cop

by Davi Braid

Ulysses may come off as annoying, but is he really a snitch? Maybe this kid really wants to be a good cop and, if that’s the case, he might be worth supporting.

Ulysses Washington is a character introduced by the game with the job of supervising Robocop’s actions. He will attempt to obstruct your path and report all you do to the OCP superiors, which results in the other cops disliking him.

What Happens if You Support Ulysses


If you show continuous support, Ulysses will become a good cop. This kid is a passionate police officer, and being accepted by the force only makes him more enthusiastic. This is why he is so eager to follow every command that is issued to him. He just wants to make sure that he will be seen as a good member of the Detroit Police Department like his dad and granddad.

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Unfortunately for him, no new kid hired by OCP executives whose job is to report a cop’s every move would be well received by the DPD. The other officers will constantly haze him, often as a form of punishment for accepting his role of overseeing Robocop’s actions and reporting them to OCP. However, it seems very clear that he is just trying to do a good job as a recently hired cop instead of having some ulterior motive.

By consistently supporting Ulysses, providing him with training, and selecting him for missions, Robocop can make others in the Detroit Police Department see the new kid for what he is. Eventually, he will become a good officer with a recommendation letter written by Alex Murphy himself.

Best Answers to Support Ulysses

The best answers are not hard to figure out. Just take his side whenever you can and actively try to make him a better cop.

  • Teach him to be proactive and get a different gun when his service gun isn’t working properly
  • Encourage him to take action during your second visit to Downtown
  • During your third time in Detroit Downtown, pick Ulysses to help you in your mission
  • Acknowledge his value during your conversations with him at the Police Station

The best choices in Robocop: Rogue City are very often on the nose. However, if you want to make sure you will get favorable outcomes, increase Robocop’s Psychology Skill. That way, you double public trust points and also get to see what is the best answer when engaging in conversations with multiple dialogue choices.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2023

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