Should You Uphold the Law or Serve the Public Trust in Robocop Rogue City?

Are you a good cop of an OCP hound?

by Davi Braid
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When you first return to the Police Station, Robocop’s choices will either be registered as upholding the law or serving the public trust. Which one should you go for?

Although Robocop: Rogue City is primarily a First-Person Shooter,, it also allows you to make decisions that influence certain situations. Your choices can have an impact on other characters, affecting the ending of the game.

Is It Better to Uphold the Law or Serve the Public Trust in Robocop Rogue City?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You should strive to serve the public trust if you want the people of Detroit to side with Robocop. However, upholding the law is not a bad thing in the game. It’s important to hold criminals accountable, as long as you can be reasonable about it. Be aware that strictly upholding the law can sometimes lead to resentment among citizens, who may seek retribution later on.

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On the other hand, serving the public trust, more often than not, makes the people of Detroit see Murphy for who he really is. They start understanding that Murphy is not a robot controlled by the OCP, but a really good cop who just happens to have a metallic body. Although Murphy’s tragedy, drama, and body horror are not deeply explored in the game’s plot, it’s still nice to see him being treated as a person by members of the Detroit Police Department, and it’s even better when civilians treat him the same way.

How to Serve the Public Trust

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To serve the public trust effectively, assist citizens when possible, issue warnings rather than fines, and ensure that only those who truly deserve it are punished. If you don’t want to guess which is the best choice, invest some points in Robocop’s Psychology Skill. Murphy may sound like a Robot, but the times of seeing himself as a Robot were meant to be over by the end of the first film. You don’t need to adhere strictly to every letter of the law since this often results in citizens being unreasonably punished or overlooked by the police. Help people whenever you can, provided that you are willing to follow any side quests that might present themselves as a consequence.

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