Skyrim Unquiet Dead Quest Guide: How to Unlock Goldenhills Plantation

Skyrim wouldn't be complete without a haunted farm.

by Noah Nelson


Welcome back, Dragonborns! Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is officially out. After 10 years of ups, downs, and more ups, the new edition has so much to offer for new and returning players. One of those new editions is new quests, like The Unquiet Dead Quest. In my guide on how to unlock Goldenhills Plantation, I briefly covered how to complete this quest, but here is the deep dive into how to complete the Unquiet Dead Quest in Skyrim.

Before we get started, there are loads of other cool things that Skyrim: Anniversary Edition brings to the table. I know you’ve heard it before, but if somehow you haven’t, there is fishing, new weapons like the Goldbrand Katana, and so much more. Besides the current-gen graphics update, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is brimming with new content. If you’re curious or need help in a particular facet of the game, be sure to check out our Skyrim Guides.

How to Begin The Unquiet Dead Quest in Skyrim

The Unquiet Dead Quest is tied to unlocking the Goldenhills Plantation, the new farm that can be all yours in Skyrim. Naturally, in order to begin the quest, you will need to discover Goldenhills Plantation. The best way to find it is to start from Rorikstead and travel southwest towards a wheat and sickle emblem on your compass. For a visual cue, look for a silo and a house amidst a grassy expanse. The second you arrive at Goldenhills Plantation, you will be attacked by a ghost. After you kill this ghost, the Unquiet Dead Quest will begin.

After taking out the ghost, on the body, you will find a note that says he’s been poisoned. Upon entering the house, you will want to divert your attention upstairs to Urval’s Journal. In the journal, the tale of how the owners moved out to the country with their boy is told. The couple loses their son and the husband begins to blame the wife of witchcraft and poisoning the son. After reading the journal, you will want to find the wife’s secret chamber in the basement. Find the button on the wall and enter.

Upon entering the secret chamber, you will stumble upon the wife with the husband’s ax through her heart. Be warned that the ghost of the wife will begin attacking you as soon as you enter. Once the ghost is slain, read the wife’s journal. Here, you will see the wife’s view of what happened. She tried using alchemy to save her son, not poison him as the husband insisted. Now knowing that neither of the parents killed the son, head upstairs to the child’s room.

Underneath his bed, you will find the son’s journal. Wanting to make his parents happy, the boy headed off towards the well to fight wolves and bring home a trophy. Make your way to the well by heading south of the house. After you fend off a pack of wolves, you will, unfortunately, find the bones of the boy by the well. Take the courageous boy’s toy sword and return to the house. Once you have placed the sword in the boy’s room, the whole family will appear before you in ghost form to thank you for putting them to rest. As a token of their gratitude, they give you the Goldenhills Plantation.

And with that, you will have completed the Unquiet Dead Quest in Skyrim. Another quest will begin called A Farmer’s Life For Me, which will help you build up a reputable farm you can call your own.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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