Skyrim Farming: How to Unlock the Goldenhills Plantation

How to find, acquire, and grow your new farm at Goldenhills Plantation.

by Noah Nelson


If I told you that you could start your own farm in Skyrim 10 years ago, you’d say I was crazy. Today, with the new Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, you can do just that. There are actually many farm locations in Skyrim, but in this guide, I will show you not how to find other villagers’ farms but how to start your own farm on the expansive plains of Whiterun.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is the newest entry in the series. With things like taming wild horses (which would go great with your new farm), new magical stones like Flawed Varla and Welkynd, and of course fishing, the new edition has a lot in store for new and returning players. With the new Anniversary Edition, Skyrim has so many new mods that change how people play. Plenty of helpful guides have and will continue to come out on all things Skyrim, so be sure to check in here for anything you’re missing.


Skyrim Farm Location

In order to start a farm, you have to know where it is. You will want to start at a small town called Rorikstead which is in the middle between Whiterun and Markarth. From there, you will want to travel south-southeast until you see a symbol of wheat and a sickle. For visual indicators, look for a silo and a house in the middle of fields and you’ll find it in no time. Once you’re close enough, you will have discovered Goldenhills Plantation, which is the area in which you can create your own farm.

How to Start a Farm in Skryim

Upon reaching Goldenhills Plantation, you will immediately fight a Ghost. After dispatching that, you will receive a quest called The Unquiet Dead. Without spoiling the quest too much, you will need to find out what happened to the family that was living on this farm and help their spirits lay to rest. After you have completed this quest, you will receive another called A Farmer’s Life For Me. Through this quest, you’ll be guided on how to successfully start and grow your own farm from the ground up.

First, you will need to plant crops, which will be an essential resource if you are playing on Survival Mode. Next, you will need to hire a steward to tend to the farm. Lastly, you’ll pay for upgrades to your farm to expand it even further to include things like stables and an alchemy/enchanting lab.

With that, you have all the tools necessary to get your farm started in Skyrim. Whether you’re looking for a homestead in the hills, need extra plants for Survival Mode, or just want to role-play as a farmer/fisher, the Goldenhills Plantation addition is a fun one.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2021

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