16 Small Minecraft House Ideas and Designs

Building houses never felt this fun.

by JB Cachila
Image: Mojang

Building small houses in Minecraft can be very challenging. You need to think of ways to fit in all the features you’d want in a small space. You’ll also need to balance between function and aesthetics so that your house looks good while giving you what you need.

If you’re looking for ideas or some inspiration to help you build that small dream house, you’ve come to the right place — we have here a list of the best small Minecraft house ideas and designs you can use for your own project.

Starter House

Starter Houses are great first bases in Minecraft. You won’t need a lot of materials to build them — simply use some wood and whatever you have to create a small structure that will house important things like storage chests, a Crafting table, a furnace, and a kitchen. You can also grow crops underneath the house so you won’t have to go far to get food.

Wooden House

If you like it even simpler, you can build a basic house made of wood, among other materials. The great thing about this is that it’s easy to get materials to create it. It’s also expandable and allows you to add more rooms in the future. Try adding a porch in front of it to see how it will look.

Small Modern House

If wooden cabins aren’t your type, you can always opt to build a modern-looking house instead. These modular homes are made using different materials including glass and are often colored white. You can add more rooms as you need them.

Two-Player House

Fancy living with another Minecraft player in the same house? Then try building a two-player house instead. You and a friend or family member can build two small, identical houses side-by-side, then combine them using a passageway in the middle. You can even put a Nether portal at the center if you plan to go there from time to time.


Minecraft lets you build the treehouse you’ve always wanted. Find a tree that’s big enough, then use wood and fences to create the structure you like. Don’t forget to attach a ladder so that it’s easier to move up and down. As a twist, you can build these inside forests or jungles for more privacy.

Beach House

There’s no better way to enjoy Minecraft’s beaches than looking at them every day from your own beach house. You can build these using wood and other materials. Don’t forget to attach a deck or porch from where you can watch the sunset.

Starter Boat House

If beach houses are too simple, then try creating boat houses instead. These won’t be as big as houses on the mainland, but you can design them so that a crafting table and furnace can be placed inside near your bed. And because it’s floating on water, you won’t have to worry about enemies coming at you.

Modern Ocean House

If you want a more stable residence on the water, you can simply build a modern ocean house instead. The lower portion of this building should be submerged in water and will serve as the foundation for the upper half which is above sea level. The lower part will also give you good views of the water beneath the surface.

Modern Cliff House

Fancy living in a house overlooking vast landscapes? Then build your own at the edge of a cliff. It doesn’t have to be big — simply make sure that you’ll have enough space for essential things like a crafting table. And make sure to work on safe pathways to and from the house.

Mountain House

Mountain houses are easy to build. You will only need to carve a bit into an elevated or mountainous area, then use materials like wood and stone to create a small house in that exact same space you dug from the ground.

Cave House

Like mountain houses, you can create cave houses by digging into mountains and rock faces. You need to dig deeper, however, as the mountain itself will serve as the walls of your cave house. Make sure to place enough lighting so that you can see inside.

Winter Cabin

Winter cabins are made to withstand the cold in snowy mountains. You can use wood blocks to create a log cabin. Don’t forget to put in a furnace that will serve as both a tool to create items and a source of heat when it’s snowing outside.

Survival House

As the name implies, survival houses are designed to help you survive, among other things. You can use easy-to-find materials such as wood and cobblestone to build these. Make sure you have enough room where you can farm crops.

Medieval House

The medieval ages inspire many Minecraft players to build castles. You can take design cues from there for use in your own medieval house. The resulting house will even look better if you use certain texture packs.

Underground House

If you like privacy and security, then an underground house might be perfect for you. Just dig into the ground until you get enough space for what you need, then place walls and basic furnishings like a bed and crafting table. Make sure you have adequate lighting so that it won’t be dark inside. Also do your best to hide the entrance to your underground base.

Japanese House

If you like Japan and fancy a trip to the land of the rising sun, perhaps a Japanese house can be a good idea for you. These have a distinct look with their curved roofs and raised floors. You can create these using wood blocks, and surround them with sakura trees to complete the look.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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