Sonic Colors Ultimate: Asteroid Coaster Red Star Ring Locations (Act 5+6)

Next stop, the last of the elusive Red Rings!

by Elliott Gatica

These are the last two Acts of the game before getting to the Terminal Velocity Zone. The last two Acts should also mean you’re 10 rings away from unlocking the last level of the Sonic Simulator; Super Sonic is right within your grasp. This is the final Red Rings guide for Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Asteroid Coaster Act 5 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

After the descending laser part, you’ll see the first Red Ring in a hard to reach location behind a Park Token. Proceed forward with the level until you obtain a Laser Wisp capsule. Pick that up, backtrack to this location, and angle the Laser so that you will obtain the first ring.


Ring 2

When you go all the way down from the beginning of the level, go to the left to pick up the Purple Frenzy Wisp. Activate it and eat those three crates sitting in an L-shape formation. The second Red Ring is inside these crates.


Ring 3

After the first checkpoint, there will be a hole in the ceiling that you can jump up to. Use the Laser Wisp or some light wall hopping to climb up to the third ring.


Ring 4

After the first checkpoint, again, you can either take the bottom route or the one to the right. Take the right. Go until you see another laser bar. Use the button to rotate the lasers so you can get by and get the ring.


Ring 5

Right before the Goal Ring, there is a crevice with an opening to the left on the ceiling. It’ll need to have some crates broken to get inside. Use the Laser Wisp from earlier and angle it in a trajectory that beams Sonic through these.


Asteroid Coaster Act 6 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

At the beginning, don’t jump into anything until the second roller coaster appears to your left. Hop on that one. Once you’re on the left coaster, you’ll see some rainbow rings; jump into those. They will propel you into an asteroid field. Use your homing attack to make your way to a red spring that shoots you into another roller coaster in the middle. If you are on the correct one, it should perform two roundabouts around a meteor and then do a big loop. Once you get past that, jump into the next set of rainbow rings. Those will shoot you into the first Red Ring.


Ring 2

After getting the first ring and landing on the coaster after the red spring, be on the lookout for another pair of rainbow rings. Jump into these rainbow rings to enter a free falling section. Proceed like normal and get to an alternative checkpoint. Here, keep going forward, or upward technically, and there is a water section with a Red Ring in plain sight.


Ring 3

Continue after the second ring to a part where you can pick up the Frenzy Wisps. Proceed like normal until coming across the second Frenzy capsule. Pick that up and chomp through everything in the second Frenzy water section. The third Red Star Ring should be in one of the boxes by the two big fish at the end.


Ring 4

After the second checkpoint, you’ll come across a section where you can use the Frenzy Wisp to eat through a lot of blue columns and enemies. Try to keep the ability up until the two sets of springs at the end. There is a set of destructible columns that are housing the 4th ring by it.


Ring 5

The final ring of this Act is in the second free falling section. After clearing the next Frenzy part on top of a narrow bridge, take the red spring and keep to your left after taking it.


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