Sonic Colors Ultimate: Planet Wisp Red Star Ring Locations (Act 5+6)

The last two acts of the Wisp homeworld. Get all the red rings!

by Elliott Gatica

This is the last guide for Red Ring locations in Planet Wisp in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. These two acts are going to have a lot of free falling to them as well as some risky platforming. At this point in the game, you should have most of the available Wisps in Sonic Colors: Ultimate so there won’t be so many missed opportunities.

Planet Wisp Act 5 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

Follow the level like normal until you come across a chasm with a lot of breakable yellow cubes. Go all the way down this said chasm until you come across an Orange Rocket Wisp. Activate the Wisp and you’ll notice some floating spiked balls. Travel through them carefully and the first Red Ring will be there.


Ring 2

Just after getting the first ring, go along the yellow cubes until you see the 1-up. Jump to the 1-up and fall straight down. You should land right on or next to the second ring.


Ring 3

Right before the first checkpoint, there’s another chasm that you can fall down into. Go down and pick up the Rocket Wisp at the bottom. Shoot back up; again, you will encounter floating spike balls that you have to carefully get around and you will find the third Red Star Ring.


Ring 4

When you get to the section of the level with layers of yellow cubes, go to the bottom most path and smash your way to the right. There are Purple Frenzy Wisps available to get this ring, but they aren’t needed. These yellow cubes can be destroyed if you use Sonic’s boost. However, if you do not have boost, you can turn into the Frenzy mode instead and eat your way through these cubes to get to the fourth ring.


Ring 5

As you approach the Goal Ring, you’ll notice another section with floating yellow cubes and a few Badniks. The final ring will be on the top left of this section. Just take care of the enemies so they won’t make getting this a pain.


Planet Wisp Act 6 Red Star Ring locations

Ring 1

After the initial grinding section, do not take the boost panel leading straight to the next grinding segment. Instead, fall down. You’ll go into a free falling part instead. The first Red Ring will be here, but watch out, there are a lot of electric enemies in the way.


Ring 2

After the first checkpoint, grab the Green Hover Wisp and activate it when you see that trail of rings atop the first rotating platform segment. You’ll ride a really long line of rings into a second segment of more rotating platforms. This ring will be right in the center of this part.


Ring 3

After the third rotating platform section, you’ll come across a Pink Wisp capsule. Instead of taking the bottom route by sliding, climb up the level by using the Spikes. Once you hit the small maze with the black crates, make your way to the top of it to find the third ring.


Ring 4

At the end of the level when the camera zooms out, there is a button underneath the center platform. Press it and a bunch of rings and the fourth Red Ring will appear. Make sure not to fall when getting this ring! They despawn after a set amount of time.


Ring 5

Hold onto the Green Hover Wisp you collected from earlier. The final Red Star Ring is above the Goal Ring. When you hit the very top of the last part of the level, activate your Wisp’s ability and just keep going up. Break the silver crates to get on top where you’ll find some Badniks guarding the last ring.


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