Sonic Colors Ultimate: Planet Wisp Red Star Ring Locations (Act 1 + 2)

Next stop, Planet Wisp's Red Rings and how to get them

by Elliott Gatica

Planet Wisp is perhaps the most iconic level in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It was featured as a level in Sonic Generations, meaning it had to have a huge significance there. Planet Wisp is also where you are first introduced to the Pink and Orange Wisps. They provide a lot of verticality and unlock new places you may have missed in previous levels. Finding Red Star Rings will be rather tricky in this world, given that these levels are vast in size compared to the previous worlds.

Planet Wisp Act 1 Red Star Ring Locations

Ring 1

In the beginning of the running section of the level, look out for boost panels that lead you to a Wisp capsule. It’ll fill up your boost gauge a bit so that you can use it to access the first ring. Activate your boost as you approach the jump ramp so that you’ll launch into the set of rings. It’ll take you to a quick stepping segment where Sonic will be wall running. Avoid the spikes or else you’ll end up falling. Successfully getting through this without getting hurt will net you the first ring.


Ring 2

Grab the first Orange Rocket Wisp you see. Use it in the area that you got it and launch all the way up. Sonic will be put into a free falling state. Just to the right should be the second Red Star Ring.


Ring 3

Before the second big jump, take the bottom pathway which you can access by breaking some crates with the Pink Spikes Wisp. You’ll come across a short rail to grind and then come up on a part where you have to slide to get past. Weirdly enough, there is a narrow passageway just before going through the sliding part. Do a series of wall jumps and the 3rd ring is right there.


Ring 4

This ring is on the quick step section after the second jump. Stay on this as the fourth ring will be here. A good indicator of when it’s coming up is when you encounter the first set of enemies in this section. Defeat them, then try to stay on the left until you take that ramp. It’ll shoot you straight into the ring.


Ring 5

At the end of the level, before you touch the Goal Ring, grab the Pink Spikes Wisp. Climb your way up while crashing through some boxes on the ceiling. Just ride the ceiling from where you got it and you’ll eventually come across a long section with a lot of 10 valued rings. The final Red Ring should be at the very top of this.


Planet Wisp Act 2 Red Star Ring Locations

Ring 1

Follow the initial flow of the level. You’ll get into the section with two one-eyed Badniks. Be careful! They throw out spiked balls. The first Red Ring will be at the end of this section.


Ring 2

Keep going along with the level until you come across the part with three moving, spiked sandwich platforms. The second ring will be to the left of this on a rather high set of floating crates.


Ring 3

Backtrack a bit from the second ring’s location. Jump on top of the grind rail and pick up the Pink Spikes Wisp so you can scale a tall wall of black crates. Then, you’ll acquire a Jade Goo Wisp that you’ll need to phase through a wall. Follow the path after that to find a line of rings with a Red Ring in the mix. This ring is a bit different in terms of location compared to the original Sonic Colors.


Ring 4

You will need the Purple Frenzy Wisp to get this one. On the section where one of the one-eyed Badniks spew a bunch of rings, take the bottom path. There will be a lot of breakable crates. Use the Frenzy ability to eat your way through this section, you should grow big enough to snag the fourth ring in the middle of all this.


Ring 5

In the final stretch of the Act, there is a part where you’ll encounter another Badnik that spews a bunch of rings. There will also be springs on the left and right that take you up. Aim for the Jade Goo Wisp in the middle of all this. Use its ability to phase into this section of the level under the sliding part. Make your way through and grind past the rail to find the last ring.


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