Sonic Colors Ultimate: Starlight Carnival Red Star Ring Locations (Act 3+4)

Don't get distracted by the neon lights, time to get those rings!

by Elliott Gatica

The continuation of Starlight Carnival is here. This time, the flow of the levels are much different than the previous acts. There will be some rings that can’t be acquired until unlocking new Wisps down the line. This is the guide for Acts 3 and 4 of Starlight Carnival in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Starlight Carnival Act 3 and 4

Act 3

Ring 1

  • After the running cutscene in the beginning of the level, you’ll see a red pulley that you can grab onto, leading to a higher path. Take it and ride along the moving yellow bouncer. You’ll come across a cubbyhole where Sonic can go through and find the first ring. It’ll be in between a bunch of normal rings to pick up, too.


Ring 2

  • The second Red Ring will be on the bottom path from the start of the level. Press your ground slam button to give Sonic more height in his spring jumps and you should be able to reach this with no problem. You will need to grab this before the yellow spring goes too far off.


Ring 3

  • In the first vertical section of the level, there is a huge loop that you can get on from the left hand side. Take it while running on the boost panel. Riding the loop will lead you right to the third ring that’s sitting on the very top of the loop.


Ring 4

  • In the second vertical section of Act 3, there will be a Red Ring above a series of collapsing platforms. Wait until the moving spring starts moving left to better orient yourself to climb on these platforms. A good indicator that you’re by the fourth ring is when you encounter that electric Badnik.


Ring 5

  • You’ll need to have the Jade Goo Wisp and Green Hover Wisp to get this ring. When you encounter the second electric Badnik, jump off the yellow platform and collect all the rings above it. Doing so will reveal the Jade Goo Wisp. Turn into it and phase through the wall on the left to reveal a new part of the level, activate the button and collect the Hover Wisp. Use that power and dash through the huge line of rings that will drop you right off at the final ring of this Act.


Act 4

Ring 1

  • When you come across the second green energy ball enemy, the first Red Ring will be right under it. Be careful, it can kill you if you have no rings on hand.


Ring 2

  • Not too far from the first ring will be the second one. Go as far right as you can before going up. There will be a trail of rings leading downward into a scary chasm. At the bottom will be a platform where the second Red Ring will be.


Ring 3

  • When you start traversing upwards in this level, there will be a series of pulleys and another green orb enemy. The third ring will be right under it. Be careful again because their shot patterns are very scattered.


Ring 4

  • You’ll need the Purple Frenzy Wisp for this one. After the checkpoint before the door, take the top path while chomping through the crates in the Frenzy form. The 4th Red Ring will be encased in all these crates. If you’ve eaten enough enemies and crates, you should be big enough to reach that high up.


Ring 5

  • Following from the path of ring 4, continue chomping your way through these crates until you get to the very end. Hovering just above the Goal Ring should be the final ring for Act 4.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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