Sonic Colors Ultimate: Sweet Mountain Red Star Ring Locations (Act 1+2)

Next stop, the Sweet Mountain

by Elliott Gatica

Sweet Mountain is the second world in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It’s a world with a tad less color than Tropical Resort, but a lot more sugar and calories. Like the past world, this place also has 30 Red Star Rings scattered evenly across 6 different acts. This is a guide to help players find them for the first two acts.

Here are the locations for the Red Star Rings.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Sweet Mountain Act 1 and 2

Act 1

Ring 1

  • At the beginning of the level after the big rocket, climb up and progress. You’ll come across a series of Badniks and red spring groups, clear the enemies out and it should be on the right hand side of this section.


Ring 2

  • After the first checkpoint, you want to find the Yellow Drill Wisp and hold onto it. Try avoiding collecting the Jade Goo Wisps because you’ll need to drill downward into the ground after the rail loop. Look around on the right side and you’ll see the Red Ring surrounded by breakable silver crates.


Ring 3

  • Once you collect the second ring, drill downward even more to travel through the underground part of Act 1. After grinding on the short rail, instead of going right, backpedal a bit, but below the rail, you’ll reach a dead end where the third ring will be. There will be two gingerbread men next to it too!


Ring 4

  • After the chocolate donut loop-the-loop and massive jump, you’ll come across the section with the giant missiles shooting towards your screen. Make your way across and stick to the right side. Before hitting that cluster of red springs, there will be a Red Star Ring sitting just a bit past it in plain sight.


Ring 5

  • In the second giant missile section of the level, just make your way forward right until the end. There will once again be a cluster of red springs, but just in front of it will be the final ring. Do not use your homing attack or you’ll accidentally skip over this.


Act 2

Ring 1

  • You will need the Green Wisp in order to obtain this ring. After the first checkpoint, slide under the wall and acquire the Green Hover Wisp. Activate the ability and go up, then slightly to the left. There will be a small maze of spikes that you’ll have to traverse. At the end of the maze, the ring will be there.


Ring 2

  • After the small enemy ambush that eventually reveals the raising lever, you’ll go through a series of springs and land on a booster. Instead of going right, head left and you’ll see a pile of popcorn that is somewhat covering the second Red Ring.


Ring 3

  • After the loop-the-loop rail grinding segment, you’ll get to the point of the level where you have to do some vertical scaling on some unstable platforms and pulleys. Go forward until you come across a bridge with falling platforms. Ring number three will be in plain sight on a floating platform just at the end of the bridge.


Ring 4

  • This one can be grabbed before Ring number three because it does require some backtracking. Make sure you grab the Green Hover Wisp. Then, you will come across a white box in between two black boxes that is hiding a button. Press the button and it’ll reveal a secret pulley just behind you to take up. Turn into the Green Wisp and go upward, following the trail of rings. When you reach that long trail of rings, press the speed dash button and you’ll automatically follow that trail, leading up to the 4th ring.


Ring 5

  • Before the final long grind, there will be one last collapsing bridge section. You’ll see a red pulley to grab onto. Instead, perform a slide attack to go under, shooting you to the final Red Ring of this Act.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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