Sonic Colors Ultimate: Sweet Mountain Red Star Ring Locations (Act 5+6)

Here's the final stretch for Sweet Mountain!

by Elliott Gatica

This is the guide showing the Red Star Rings for the last two acts of Sweet Mountain. They’re mostly easy to get. Some can be tricky, but worry not, this guide will help show the exact locations of where these rings are.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Sweet Mountain Act 5 and 6

Act 5

Ring 1

  • In the very beginning Quick Step section just off the ramp, stop and go back. In the center, you’ll find ring number one. The camera might turn into an awkward bird’s eye view angle, but don’t mind it.


Ring 2

  • This one is in plain sight. After the first checkpoint and the second pulley in the 2D segment, there will be the second Red Ring sitting on top of a floating platform.


Ring 3

  • In the lollipop swinging section, the third ring will be sitting on top of a moving floating platform. You can use these lollipops to swing towards it with the right angle and enough momentum.


Ring 4

  • Hold onto the Blue Cube Wisp until here. Use the lollipops from ring 3’s section as optimally as possible. Right as you cross that pit of spikes, there is one other lollipop swing that, if used with a spin dash or properly timed boost, will launch Sonic into a high area with breakable glowing crates. Traverse through them until you come across a cluster of cubes that is holding the fourth Red Ring in plain sight. Activate the ability and the surrounding crates will break.


Ring 5

  • After ring 4, collect the Pink Spike Wisp capsule, but wait until the effects of the Cube Wisp expire. You’ll notice a narrow passageway just above you that can only be traversed while in Spike form. The final Red Ring of this act will be encased between a bunch of breakable crates.


Act 6

Ring 1

  • You will need the Jade Goo Wisp for this ring. At the beginning of the level, pick up the Goo Wisp capsule and use it on the roller coaster-looking bridge. You’ll see some things you can pick up as well as an enemy to take out. Use the Wisp’s power to phase through the ground into that secluded area. You’ll find a button to the left-most part of it, revealing the first Red Ring.


Ring 2

  • Shortly after the first ring, keep progressing with the level until you see the yellow, transparent, breakable cubes with the second red ring in the middle.


Ring 3

  • You’ll need the Blue Cube Wisp to get this ring. As you progress through the level you’ll see a bunch of blue, yellow, and black boxes obstructing your path. At the end of it, use your cube ability to get rid of the blue cubes. Break some yellow cubes along the way and the third Red Ring will be at the bottom right corner of that section.


Ring 4

  • In another blue and yellow cube section, there will be a tower of blue cubes that leads up to the fourth ring. You don’t need any Wisps to get it, though it would be easier if you had saved the Pink Spike Wisp from the earlier section of the level. You can alternatively climb up the yellow cubes to the right of it and perform a nicely timed double jump into an air dash.


Ring 5

  • You’ll notice right after the cube section where ring 4 was, there’s a random rail that you can grind backwards to what seems like a dead end. Actually, there’s a button that you can press that reveals a hidden Jade Goo Wisp. Use it right there and phase upwards, revealing a completely new area in the game. Follow the pathway, but be careful, one misstep can lead to falling and being unable to pick up the final ring in this run. Follow the platforms while making your way to the right. The fifth ring will be literally next to the alternative Goal Ring.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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