Sonic Colors: Ultimate: Tropical Resort Red Star Ring Locations (Act 1+2)

Next stop, Tropical Resort!

by Elliott Gatica

Sonic Colors: Ultimate has a bunch of hidden Red Star Rings throughout each of their levels. There are a total of 30 per world, and 5 per world’s Acts. Red Star Rings play a crucial role in acquiring the Chaos Emeralds in the game, as well as unlocking achievements and trophies depending on the platform you play on.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Tropical Resort Act 1 and 2

Act 1

Ring 1

  • At the very beginning of the level, reach the second ‘Welcome’ arch, jump upwards and grind on the rail. At the end of it should be the first Red Star Ring, so don’t jump off until the rail ends.


Ring 2

  • This ring requires the player to have unlocked the Yellow Wisp— the Drill Wisp. Upon reaching the first checkpoint, acquire the Yellow Wisp and immediately drill down. You’ll know you’re in the right area when there is a cluster of balloons.


Ring 3

  • Just before the second checkpoint, there is a bottom path leading up to it where there is a cluster of rings and balloons. The Red Star Ring is in the middle of all of this.


Ring 4

  • Once you reach the second checkpoint, use the Drill Wisp and clear out the three bombs submerged into the ground. Once they explode, the fourth ring will appear in the middle.


Ring 5

  • In the triple rail grinding segment after the trick jump, ride this section on the right side. Jump into the second rainbow ring to grab the last ring of this Act.


Act 2

Ring 1

  • Right after the fountain whirl, you’ll run into a Yellow Drill Wisp capsule. Collect it and use it to dig downward. Move slightly to the right to come up on three columns underground. The middle column is where the first ring will be.


Ring 2

  • You can’t miss this one. Right before getting on top of the platform leading up to the big loop, there are three floating platforms. Double jump or use the bouncy rods to get some height to reach the platforms leading to the ring.


Ring 3

  • After the second checkpoint, use the Drill Wisp between the two groups of spikes under the rail. In Drill form, go to the bottom left into a green pipe with two left pointing arrows. The pipe redirects you into another digging segment where you’ll encounter three circular pairs of enemies. Defeat these enemies in Drill form and the third ring will be revealed.


Ring 4

  • Take the bottom path instead of the grind rail after the second checkpoint. There will be an area with a bunch of fans that will lift Sonic up. The ring will be there just over some rings in the area.


Ring 5

  • When you reach the end of the level, instead of destroying the final objective, go behind it all the way to find the final ring.


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