Sonic Colors Ultimate: Tropical Resort Red Star Ring Locations (Act 3+4)

More rings, more content!

by Elliott Gatica

This is the second part of where to find all the Tropical Resort Red Star Rings in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. For the sake of not overloading a page full of screenshots, these guides will be separated by two acts each.

If you are looking to be a completionist, unlock Super Sonic, unlock Rival Rush, or just unlock all of the Game World levels, follow this guide as well as our future guides to help you find all the Red Rings in this game.

Here are all the Red Star Ring locations for Tropical Resort Acts 3 and 4.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Tropical Resort Act 3 and 4

Act 3

Ring 1

  • In the hallway running section of the beginning of the Act, stay on the right side and perform a homing attack on a Badnik on a floating platform. In the distance, there will be another platform with a rising red lever that you’ll need to reach. At the end of that middle platform will be the first ring.


Ring 2

  • Upon reaching the first checkpoint, jump off the platform and look directly below it. The second Red Star Ring will be right there. It is in plain sight, but can be missed when going really fast.


Ring 3

  • You’ll need to have the Yellow Drill Wisp in order to acquire this one. Upon reaching the second checkpoint, you’ll come across a Drill Wisp that you must then use to dig in the ground below you. There will be a pipe with downward facing arrows that will lead you into a segmented area with the third ring. For better location purposes, there will be a walkable area with another Drill Wisp inside. Use this as a landmark to get closer to your destination.


Ring 4

  • This ring is also in the same digging area as number 3. You’ll once again need the Drill Wisp and dig your way even more downward. Just right of the pipes used to reach Red Star Ring 3, there are a series of breakable silver boxes that wisps can destroy. You’ll know you’re going in the right direction if the pathway becomes narrower and is guided by arrow formations made out of normal rings.


Ring 5

  • If you take the top path for most of the level and reach the alternative Goal Ring, you’ll inevitably collect the final Red Ring for this level. This does require the Laser Wisp to reach, however. There is an even higher platform that can only be reached by using the laser bouncing prisms.


Act 4

Ring 1

  • At the beginning of the stage and after the first big jump, collect the Drill Wisp and dig downwards to the left. You’ll come across the Purple Frenzy Wisp and some breakable Wisp crates. Activate the Wisp’s ability and the ring is yours!


Ring 2

  • Right after getting the first Red Star Ring, you should still maintain your Frenzy form and destroy additional crates in this pit below.


Ring 3

  • At the start of the stage, you’ll encounter a one-eyed Badnik that dispenses items and a bunch of balloons. Perform a series of homing attacks on the balloons to gain height and reach for the red ring at the very top.


Ring 4

  • It’ll be easier to acquire this by taking the path of the first two rings. You’ll eventually come by a vertical corridor with a Sprinkler throwing spiked balls. The red ring is directly underneath this enemy.


Ring 5

  • If you took the route above ground, you’ll most likely ride the rail that leads straight to the first goal ring. The final red ring is at the top of the rail.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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