Sonic Colors Ultimate: Tropical Resort Red Star Ring Locations (Act 5+6)

The final ten rings for Tropical Resort. Can you collect them all?

by Elliott Gatica

This is the third and final guide for the Red Star Ring locations for Tropical Resort. Unlike many other Sonic games, Sonic Colors: Ultimate has six acts per level. Each act will have five rings that may not be easily accessed in your first run. Do not worry, you can always go back to them as you unlock new Wisps.

Here are the Red Star Ring locations for the last two Acts of Tropical Resort.

Where to find the Red Star Rings for Tropical Resort Act 5 and 6

Act 5

Ring 1

  • You’ll need the Jade Goo Wisp to get this one. In the beginning of the level where Sonic has to slide under a wall to get to the other side, activate the Wisp to find a section of the level below the runway. In the bottom area, pick up the Laser Wisp and activate a button that’ll bring up a series of prisms and reveal the first Red Star Ring. You’ll have to act fast before it disappears!


Ring 2

  • You’ll need the Pink Spikes Wisp to acquire Ring number two. First, just take the routes on the bottom until you come across a bridge of breakable silver boxes. Activate the Spike Wisp and it’ll break some crates. The second red ring will be yours, along with a refreshed duration for the Pink Wisp.


Ring 3

  • After the big jump and the series of enemies and balloons, the game will go into 2D. You’ll see a series of targets and floating platforms. You’ll need to have a Laser Wisp on hand and shoot it at an upward trajectory. The laser will then launch you much higher up all the way to a floating platform where the third ring will be.


Ring 4

  • This one can be achieved with different Wisps that allow for more verticality. Ideally, you’d want to use the Laser Wisp and angle it properly to get it. Using the Laser Wisp will allow you to get to the final ring of this level, but any other way can suffice.


Ring 5

  • This ring will require you to have the Laser and Goo Wisps. From the location of Red Ring 4, you’ll need to use the Laser Wisp to hit the drill entrance so it’ll beam you past the initial Goal Ring. After passing the goal ring, you’ll come across the Goo Wisp capsule and a wall. Turn into the Goo Wisp and use the ghost attack to teleport to the enemy Badnik across the barrier. Don’t worry, just perform a series of wall jumps and you’ll be able to complete the Act by reaching the second Goal Ring.


Act 6

Ring 1

  • At the beginning of the Act, go forward a bit until you come across the button-controlled platforms. Just press the button a little bit to angle the platforms enough so you can grab the thing and land on a platform without falling.


Ring 2

  • This Red Star Ring will be in plain sight upon reaching the first checkpoint. It’s directly below you. Again, use the rotating platforms and angle one of them downward so you have something to jump back on once getting this ring.


Ring 3

  • This ring will be right in between the triple rotating platforms. Utilize your double jump for maximum airtime. Be careful with timing because failing in grabbing this Red Star Ring may result in a death.


Ring 4

  • Right after the third ring, you’ll come across a Pink Spike Wisp capsule. Use it to destroy the silver crates that lead you to an underground passage. You don’t need to have the spikes throughout this part; you just need it to break the crates to uncover the area. The ring will be right next to a Tails 1-up and a raising red pulley.


Ring 5

  • Right before the end of the level, there will be a series of button-controlled platforms that the player can manipulate to create a stairway. Set them up accordingly in a layout where you can reach the Red Ring with ease.


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- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2021

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