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Spelunky 2 – How to Bring Turkeys to Yang and What do you Get

How to give Yang a turkey

by Kyle Hanson


While exploring the caves and dungeons of Spelunky 2 you’re likely to come across a few random characters who might or might not help you along the way. Yang is a very well known character within the greater Spelunky mythos, and his son is one of the first characters you can discover in the sequel. Yang, as all twelve of his children are named, just wants some turkeys. But he’s not too forthcoming with how to bring them to him or any of the other details. Here’s how to bring turkeys to Yang and what do you get in Spelunky 2.

How to Bring Turkeys to Yang

When you first discover Yang he makes one thing very clear, he likes turkeys. He would love for you to bring him a turkey and would possibly join your quest if you do. “There’s a turkey right there, let me get that one for him” most players will think. Do not do this. That is Yang’s turkey, taking him or hurting him will trigger his wrath and force you to run or fight Yang himself. Instead, Yang would like a different, additional turkey for his collection.

This makes things much harder, as now your task is to actually explore the level in search of a turkey (or multiple). Once you find one you can ride or carry it all the way back to Yang and place it within his containment area to complete the quest. If you ride a turkey to Yang you’ll need to dismount by holding up and pressing jump, then pick the turkey up like any other object.

What do you Get for Bringing Turkeys to Yang

Once you have a turkey just place it within the area with the other turkey. In our runs it usually just took two turkeys to make Yang happy, though more could be needed on some levels. Once you put enough in there Yang will be pleased and offer you his treasure. Take the key then go into the turkey pen and use it on the locked door. Inside is a small area full of treasures you can collect.

So hopefully that explains how to bring turkeys to Yang in Spelunky 2, and what happens after you do it. There’s much more to discover within Olmec’s cave though so check back for more guides soon.

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