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Spelunky 2 – What to do With Golden Key – How to Open Treasure Chest

Snag the key and find the hidden treasure room.

by William Schwartz


The Golden Key in Spelunky 2 is an item that you’ll find somewhat frequently.  If you’ve found the golden key in Spelunky and want to know what to do with it and what it unlocks, this guide will explain exactly what you should do with the Gold Key when you find it.

It’s important to note here that there are numerous keys in Spelunky 2 and this guide will pertain to the first area in the game and the keys you find early on.  You can also get a key from Yang who asks you to help collect Turkeys.  A Skeleton Key can also be purchased from the item shop.

Where to Use Golden Key in Spelunky 2


The Golden Keys will be scattered throughout any given generated instance of Spelunky 2.  Sometimes they are well hidden, sometimes they are very much out in the open.  Collecting a golden key means that you will need to carry it with you until you’ve found the chest that it opens.

This chest is located in one of the doors that you can access in the background of the game world.  Since the world generates differently each time you will need to do some exploring in your instance to find the key, the hidden door, and the treasure chest.


Inside this treasure chest you will find the Udjat Eye.

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