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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – How to Perform Air Tricks

Show NYC your moves

by Joshua Garibay


Spider-Man: Miles Morales may feature a budding superhero, but Miles still knows how to add flair to his swinging. Much like Peter Parker, Miles Morales can perform Air Tricks for small bundles of XP and Venom Bar generation.

So how does this web-slinger pull off mid-air stunts as he traverses New York City? It’s actually quite simple!

How to Perform Air Tricks

Performing an Air Trick can be done between swinging, meaning Miles needs to be detached from the web and suspended in the air. To initiate Trick Mode, hold Square and input directions on the Left Analog Stick. Different directions and combinations will produce different aerial maneuvers.

Don’t hold the moves too long, however, as Miles will crash into the ground if Trick Mode is not released in time. The citizens of New York City don’t need to see their newest hero faceplanting into the street after freefalling for fifty stories.

Now that you have a grasp of the basics, it’s time to try out some moves. The full list of Air Tricks is available below.

All inputs are assuming that you are already holding down Square to enter Trick Mode. “(L)” represents the Left Analog Stick and the arrows designate the input direction.

Air Tricks Input
Front Pike ↑(L)
Cannonball ↑(L), ↑(L)
Webster ↑(L), ↓(L)
Turtle Spin ↑(L), ←(L) or →(L)
Inverse Flip ↓(L)
Pan Stall ↓(L), ↑(L)
Miles Special ↓(L), ↓(L)
Whirlwind ↓(L), ←(L) or →(L)
Indy Grab ←(L)
Side Front Tuck ←(L), ↑(L)
Backside Stailfish ←(L), ↓(L)
Dragon Roll ←(L), ←(L) or →(L)
Curly Fry →(L)
Roly Poly →(L), ↑(L)
Backside Wacky →(L), ↓(L)
Windmill →(L), ←(L) or →(L)
Bullet Dive L3
Downfall Dive L3, ↑(L)
Torpedo Dive L3, ↓(L)

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