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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – All Gadgets and Upgrades

Tony Stark would be proud

by Joshua Garibay


Spider-Man: Miles Morales gives us a newly formed hero that is more than his powers (although they are pretty cool). Miles uses his brain as much as his brawn when it comes down to cleaning up New York City.

His ingenuity comes through in his four equippable gadgets. Over the course of the story, Miles will gain access to the full suite of tech that rounds out his gadget wheel. Swapping between each gadget in the midst of battle and accompanying the mayhem with a few well placed Venom strikes is a thing of beauty.

Check out the list of gadgets to see how you’ll be supplementing Miles’ emerging powers in combat.

All Gadgets and Upgrades


Rapid Fire Web Shooters. Web enemies near walls to stick them to the surface.

Upgrades Cost Description
Increased Capacity 1 8 Activity Tokens Decreases damage from melee attacks by 25%.
Improved Recharge Time 10 Activity Tokens Web-Shooter ammo refills faster.
Web Bomb 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part Webbing a Venom Stunned enemy to the ground or wall turns the enemy into a web bomb that explodes, webbing nearby enemies.
Increased Capacity 2 New Game+ Increases max Web-Shooter ammo capacity by 2.


Deploys a drone that uses a hard light hologram to fight by your side.

Upgrades Cost Description
Tough Drone 8 Activity Tokens Increases the damage done by a Holo-Drone.
Increased Capacity 10 Activity Tokens Increases the Holo-Drone ammo capacity by 1.
Battery Life 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part Increases the amount of time that a Holo-Drone stays active.
Fatal Exception New Game+ Holo-Drone explodes when it deactivates, knocking enemies back.

Remote Mine

Fires a mine that can be remotely triggered. When activated, it electrifies and damages enemies.

Upgrades Cost Description
Live Wire 8 Activity Tokens Increases the Remote Mine’s knockout capacity when attached to a fuse box from 3 to 4 enemies.
Increased Capacity (Level 10) 10 Activity Tokens Increases the max Remote Mine ammo by 1.
Raw Energy (Level 11) 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part Increases the damage of the Remote Mines.
Venom Recharge New Game+ Gain Venom when standing in a Remote Mine’s area of effect as it explodes.

Gravity Well

Creates a Gravity Well that pulls enemies together, knocking them down and making them vulnerable to Venom attacks.

Upgrades Cost Description
Increased Capacity 8 Activity Tokens Increases the max Gravity Well ammo capacity by 1.
Gravity Disarm (Level 10) 10 Activity Tokens Disarms enemies affected by a Gravity Well.
Gravity Boost (Level 13) 12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part Gravity Well becomes strong enough to effect large enemies.
Gravity Reach New Game+ Increases the Gravity Well’s area of effect.


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