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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – All Visor Mods

Give the Spidey suit extra oomph

by Joshua Garibay


Miles Morales knows how to trick out his Spider-Man costume with added functionality. One of the ways the young hero refines the suit is through modifications.

Two Visor Mods can be attached at a time to any of the unlocked suits in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, allowing for greater control over how players build their character. Every Visor Mod has a prerequisite, which can be currency (Activity Tokens and Tech Parts), player level, and/or unlocking a specific suit.

Here we break down every Visor Mod, detailing what they do and how to obtain each one. You’ll have Miles Morales at peak performance in no time.

Visor Mod Prerequisite Cost Description
Optic Triangulation N/A 8 Activity Tokens On scan, marks enemies through walls and keeps them marked as long as stealth mode remains active.
Perfect Sight N/A 14 Activity Tokens, 2 Tech Parts Increases the dodge window for perfect dodging.
An Eye for Supplies N/A 10 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Part Increases the drop rate for gadget ammo.
Eyes on Target Level 10 10 Activity Tokens On scan, connects a line from an enemy to all other enemies that can currently see them.
Residual Venom Level 10 11 Activity Tokens Energy left behind after a successful Venom attack becomes visible and can be absorbed on contact to generate more Venom Power.
Eyes in the Back of My Head Level 10 14 Activity Tokens, 3 Tech Parts Auto-activates Camouflage immediately before detection during stealth encounters.
Trick Master Unlock Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit N/A Gain bonus Venom Power for performing Air Tricks.
Untrackable Unlock T.R.A.C.K. Suit N/A Decrease damage from ranged attacks by 25%.
Ghost Strike Unlock Crimson Cowl Suit N/A Enemies can no longer hear Web-Strike Takedowns while Camouflaged.
Reclaimer Unlock Purple Reign Suit N/A Replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy.
Venom Overclock Unlock S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit N/A Venom Power generation increases as health drops.
BAM! POW! WHAM! Unlock Into the Spider-Verse Suit N/A Use this mod to peer into the Spider-Verse and visualize combat sound effects as they appear on  a different Earth!
Threat Sensors Unlock via New Game+ N/A Temporarily slows time after a Perfect Dodge.

- This article was updated on:November 11th, 2020

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