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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to Get Stim Canisters

Keep Cal alive longer with extra healing stims.

by Brandon Adams


In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, main-man Cal may be an adept combatant, but he still needs to recover from a good beating with a well timed stim canister. He starts with a paltry two available, but if you know what to look for then you’ll boost Cal and BD-1’s reserves in no time.

Keep and eye out for yellow stim canister containers.

At any point you see a yellow container, that’s your ticket to an additional stim canister. Some of them will require a return trip to acquire (the magic of Metroidvanias), but it’s well worth your time to see if you can reach them. Each of the main four planets have at least one, and they usually require going out of your way to reach.

There are eight total that can be found in the game: two on Bogano, four on Zeffos, one in Kashyyyk, and the final one in Dathomir (as pictured above). You can grab the first Bogano one with ease at the start of the game after you get your wall run. Just go left of the landing pad, jump up to that area on the left, and wall run across the gap you’ll see there to drop into a hole in the ground. You should see the stim canister crate on the platform you fell on.

You can get another easy early game stim canister on Zeffo, where the two Skazz are fighting over a dead Stormtrooper. There will be a cave entrance in the mountainside; follow it down and across a pipe to find the stim canister crate.

That’s all there is too it: keep an eye out for crates, and check your map to see what areas still have crates in them. Even having those first two will give Cal an edge in a fight, so be sure to grab those!

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