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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – How to Repair Scomp Link

Repair the Scomp and BD-1 will give you a lot more access.

by William Schwartz


The Scomp Link is an tool of BD-1 that allows it to and to repair the Scomp link you actually need to have progress far enough into the campaign to have gotten one important Jedi ability to even get to the area where you can repair the Scomp Link.  Before you do anything related to the Scomp Link you’ll need to get Force Push and make your way through the Tomb of Eilram and complete the puzzles there.

Once that’s complete, you can then Repair the Scomp on BD-1 and then use the item to get to new areas on the map.  This will take a little bit of backtracking once you get Force Push, but it’s well worth getting the power-up and then getting off Zeffo and onto the next area.

Repair Scomp and you’ll be able to also access a bunch of different areas in Zeffo if you want to explore before leaving and you can even head back into the previous worlds to visit all those places that said you needed to Repair the Scomp.

Scomp Repair Location

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