Starfield Robot Locations: How to Level Up Robotics Fast

Learn how to find robots and level Robotics fast in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Robotics Leveling Guide Starfield
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Robotics is a valuable skill in Starfield that allows you to deal additional damage to robots and turrets and take control of robot enemies. When you take control of the robots, you can have them attack their allies, flee, or shut off temporarily. To level Robotics, you need to destroy robots. This guide will cover the best locations to destroy robots and level up Robotics fast in Starfield.

Fastest Way to Level Robotics in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best places to destroy robots in Starfield are enemy bases found on planets. Many planets in the game have enemy bases, and many of them are abandoned and only consist of robot enemies. Considering the planets are procedurally generated, and enemy bases can change, it is hard to inform you of an exact location. That said, I had the best luck exploring Venus in the Sol Star System.

When you land on a planet, open your scanner and head towards the symbol that says “unknown.” This usually leads to an enemy base, and there is a high chance that it will be filled with robot and turret enemies.

Once you find a base that has a ton of robots, you can destroy all the robots, rest for 24 to 48 hours, and return to have the enemies respawn. Repeat this process until you have destroyed the required 80 robots to reach rank 4 of the Robotics skill.

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It shouldn’t take you a long time to find an enemy base that works for this method. If you continue struggling to find robots, playing through side quests and main missions is your next best bet. Many missions will lead you to combat sequences against robots and turrets, allowing you to level up Robotics naturally.

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Robotics Leveling Requirements and Rewards

You will increase your power against robots and turrets as you level Robotics. Below are the requirements and rewards for leveling Robotics in Starfield.

  • Rank 1: You deal 10% more damage to Robots and Turrets. You can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than you to stop fighting for a limited time (Spend a total of 8 skill points in the Tech Tree).
  • Rank 2: You deal 20% more damage to Robots and Turrets. You can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than you to flee for a limited time (Destroy 5 robots).
  • Rank 3: You deal 30% more damage to Robots and Turrets. You can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than you to attack their allies for a limited time. (Destroy 25 robots).
  • Rank 4: You can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than you to obey commands for a limited time (Destroy 50 robots).

Robotics can make a huge difference in combat sequences that involve robots and turrets. Considering these types of enemies can deal more damage than humans, it’s essential to follow the method in this guide as soon as possible.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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