Starfield Spacesuit Upgrade Bench Locations

Suit up, it'll save your life!

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Spacesuit Workbench Upgrade Bench Locations
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Spacesuits are your main line of defense against enemies and harsh environments in Starfield. Modifying them can be key in enhancing your survivability or even giving you a tactical edge. But to do so, you’ll need access to a spacesuit workbench, and you’ll likely want to get some ranks in the Spacesuit Design skill. But finding these spacesuit upgrade bench locations can be tricky in Starfield, so let’s track down a workbench in each major area for you!

Where to Find Spacesuit Workbenches to Upgrade Weapons in Starfield

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One of the first locations to conveniently find a spacesuit workbench in Starfield is in the basement at The Lodge in New Atlantis. Starfield has fewer spacesuit upgrade workbenches than weapon benches, but there are a select few you can find that will make life easier for you. You can also randomly encounter them at various outposts and stations you encounter in your exploration.

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Are There More Spacesuit Upgrade Bench Locations Outside New Atlantis in Starfield?

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The nearest alternative is in Akila City in the Cheyenne System, directly visible from the entrance of Shepherd’s General Store in the middle of the city. Another location I found while exploring was Sieghart’s Outfitters in the Neon city center on Volii Alpha. You can access it to the right after you enter the store. Additionally, depending on the ship you have, you can access it from the interior.

How to Build a Bench to Upgrade Spacesuits at Your Outpost in Starfield

Hit ‘F’ or ‘LB’ to take out your scanner, then ‘R’ or ‘X’ to open Outpost mode, then go to the Crafting menu and select Spacesuit Workbench. The components to build one are:

Placing this at your outpost is a handy option, especially because this not only upgrades your spacesuit, but your helmet and pack as well. The upgrades can tend to be vital, ranging from damage reduction to improved healing to even reducing detection by enemies. So suit up, it’ll save your life.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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