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How to Start Fallout 4 Nuka-World

| August 29, 2016

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Fallout 4 Nuka-World is the sixth and final piece of DLC for the hugely popular first-person game. However, it is only the second one to feature a huge new landmass, and a bunch of new missions. As with Far Harbor, there are some restrictions on how and when players can access the new content though. And even with those fulfilled, you might miss the very quick prompt when starting up the game. So, here’s how to start Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC.

First up, the level restriction. Players will need to be level 30 or higher to start Fallout 4 Nuka-World and its long string of missions. Well, you can be lower than that, but it won’t auto-trigger the mission, and really, Fallout 4 Nuka-World is meant for more endgame players, so you’ll want to be higher than level 30 to really enjoy the experience. You can access it at this point or earlier though, it’ll just be a much tougher ride.

Once you hit level 30 and meet the requirements for the DLC you should get a pop up for a mission called All Aboard. All you have to do to get things going is open up your Pip-Boy and tune your radio to the Nuka-Cola Family Radio Station. This will trigger a message about the Nuka-World theme park, directing you to the transit center. Luckily this adds the area onto your map, so it’s pretty easy going from here.

Open up your map and fast travel to the nearest location to the Nuka-World Transit Center. It should be far to the west, off the usual map and near the middle. Head over there and fight off the raiders. Enter the Nuka-World Transit Center and you’ll run into a wounded man, speak with him and he’ll direct you to the monorail, which you can get up and running fairly easily. Hop on and you’ll soon arrive in Fallout 4 Nuka-World proper. From here you’re on your won, well you can check out our guides for some help.

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  • Game_Junkie

    help my game keeps crashing every time i try to get to the transit station

    • Guardianthor

      I believe the whole F04 Fanbase is having trouble with it. I’ve been reading and experiences Monorail glitches that won’t even let you enter the park. Disappointing. Hopefully Bethesda will make a patch ASAP. Right now they’ve got a lot of upset gamers on all 3 platforms.

    • Dana Connolly

      You using mods? Specifically one that is used to organize keys? People using mods experience this issue. I was fine I dont use mods yet I am achivemnt whore

  • Threedog15

    i cant even get to the transit station it still has an invisible barrier on the edge of the map so i cant move forward

    • Berry

      yeah same with me it shows everything. But as i go to edge of the map tells me i cant go that way

      • Threedog15

        i had to install a mod to remove borders in order to play

    • Dana Connolly

      if you approach from I think think the south there wont be a border there is border every other side. Played on both xbox and ps4 no problems.

  • My game keeps crashing every time i exit a power armor when i’m in Nuka World…
    When i’m in the Commonwealth i can get in and out the armor’s without problem! ._.
    It kinda works but it is annoying to travel back to the Commonwealth repair my armour
    and then go back to Nuka World T_T