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Street Fighter 5 Tips And Guide: How To Beat Survival Mode

by Damian Seeto


In order to unlock more colors for character costumes in Street Fighter 5, you need to outlast the Survival mode. Survival can be hard, but it’s not impossible to beat. Here are some guidelines that will make it easier for you to overcome.

There are four tiers in Survival which determine how many matches you have to win. Easy mode only has 10 matches, Normal mode is 30 matches, Hard mode is 50 matches while Hell mode is 100 matches.

As you may know already, you earn points every time you win a match. Points allow you to spend on several “Battle Supplements” that aid you in your next match. The supplements can include things like recovering your health, increasing your strength and more.

From my experience, it’s best to not spend any points early on because you may need to save on items the further you go. The further you progress, the harder your opponents become because they will block more often and can take a chunk off of your lifebar. It’s best to accumulate points at the beginning so you have enough to spend on lots of items later.

For example, if you are playing the Normal mode that has 30 matches, it might be best to spend points on the Health Recovery item when you reach over 25 matches. For Hard Mode, using this item after 40 matches might be useful and so on.

The “Double Down” item is risky because it takes a chunk of your life, but makes you more powerful. Only use this item if you are using a quick character that is good at evading attacks. The ‘Attack Power‘ item comes in handy early on if you want to breeze through matches quickly and don’t want to risk getting hit.

If you are getting hit early on and don’t want to spend points on Health Recovery, it might be a good idea to use the “Defense Up” item. This raises your defense so your lifebar doesn’t decrease as much when you get hit.

This is just some small advice on the items, but you need to play Street Fighter 5 a lot in order to be successful in Survival Mode. If you feel your opponent is blocking too much, try a different tactic such as jumping attacks, spamming some projectiles or even grabbing them heaps of times.

In terms of defensive tactics in Street Fighter 5, don’t be scared of jumping lots of times in this game. Jumping is effective at evading the A.I.’s attacks. It also helps to block whenever you see a projectile being thrown at you.

Anyway, I hope this guide helps you to beat the Survival Mode in Street Fighter 5. Don’t be too distressed if you fail lots of times as practicing a lot helps you become better. I remember winning 29 matches and losing in the 30th fight in Normal Mode. It was agonizing, but I played a bit more of the game and came back to beat it.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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