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Streets of Rage 4 – How to Unlock Arcade Mode

What's old is new again.

by Brandon Adams


Perhaps you want a proper old-school challenge in Streets of Rage 4, and you relish the thought of restarting the entire game after dying? Well, you can do so with Arcade Mode, but you’ll need to put a little work in if you wish to unlock this mode.

Arcade Mode is unlocked after beating Streets of Rage 4’s story.

Pretty much everything in Streets of Rage 4 is locked behind completing the story first. If you wanna throw down like it’s the 1990s again then you’ll need to save Wood Oak City from the Y-twins first. This isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. Streets of Rage 4 doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether you complete the story on Easy, Normal, or whatever. So long as you reach the end credits you’ll unlock Arcade Mode.

Once you have access to it you’ll be able to access Arcade Mode via the main menu. This mode is a throwback to the original games, where you had to ace the whole game in a single sitting, and if you wanted more lives you had to earn them. You can pick whatever character you’d like, but you’re locked in once you start. This can be played in co-op, but be ready for a challenge: Arcade Mode in Streets of Rage 4 won’t go easy on you.

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