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Super Mario 35 – How to Win

Tips and strategies for how to play and win

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario 35 is here and with such a unique game many people are curious how the whole thing even works. At its core it’s pretty simple. 35 Marios enter, only one will win. How do you win? By surviving, of course. Sure, you want to play through the platforming stages of this NES classic, but you mostly just need to survive until all the other Marios have fallen or run into a stray Goomba. So that’s the basics, but let’s explore tips and strategies for how to win in Super Mario 35.

How to Win in Super Mario 35

As I said above, the key to winning in Super Mario 35 is survival. This may seem odd and go against how you’ve been playing the whole time though, so really stop and think about it. Most of the time when you play a Mario game you’re just rushing to the end. Coins and enemies may be in your path but you can take them or leave them really. Sure, you may get an extra life if you get enough coins, but there’s just one life here so they serve a different purpose. The first and most basic tip for how to win in Super Mario 35 is simply to focus on staying alive at all costs.

Next is the timer, which can lead to your death if you don’t pay attention to it. Each player starts with the same 45 seconds but you can gain much more time by defeating those enemies that you usually avoid at all costs in other Mario titles. So this means you actually want to go a bit slow, there’s no finish line you’re rushing toward here. Move slow and steady and kill as many enemies as you can and you’ll see the timer go way way up, letting you be even more patient as you watch your fellow Marios fail.

Then there are the coins, which are important for one reason: they can buy you items. For 20 coins you can roll by hitting X and get a random item of either a mushroom, fire flower, star, or POW block which clears all enemies from the screen. By far the best of these is the fire flower, if you don’t get one from the level itself. Once you have a fire flower it’s simple to stay back and pick off every enemy in your way, gaining more time (though at a reduced rate from just jumping on them) and making the stage safer to move through.

Finally you just need to focus in on who you are attacking. Any time you kill an enemy in Super Mario 35 it is sent to the player you have targeted, potentially killing them but at least messing up their rhythm. At first you can do this mostly randomly by selecting that option with the right thumbstick, but near the end you’ll want to hone in on the Mario players that are your greatest threat. Target the one with the least time if you’re close to the ultimate victory, or the one with the most coins if you think you’re going to be in for a long battle. But the main focus at all times should be staying alive. If you have plenty of time left you can go slowly, otherwise try to kill enemies as quickly and safely as you can.

With these tips you should know how to win in Super Mario 35. Go get those victories!

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