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Super Mario 3D All-Stars – How to Unlock Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy

It'll take a while.

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Galaxy may have come out thirteen years ago (oh my God…I’m so ooooooold), but the version on Super Mario 3D All-Stars feels brand new. With higher resolution and a better framerate, players are diving back into this galactic adventure with renewed gusto. But while the game is old, and the core has remained untouched, many players are still asking the same questions. While many hoped Luigi would be playable in its predecessors, Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, the beloved green plumber is only available in the latest entry in this collection. Here’s how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy, as part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

How to Unlock Luigi

Mario games have always had a tiered system when it comes to “winning”. With 120 Stars or Shines to collect in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, give or take a few, it might feel like you’ll never defeat Bowser. But of course, you can complete the game with fewer Stars or Shines, quite a lot fewers actually. This is true for Super Mario Galaxy once again, but the ultimate prize does require the complete set.

In order to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy you must collect all 120 Stars featured in the game. To do this you’ll need to scour every stage to be sure you complete all the missions available to you, including getting the green challenge Stars. This will surely be a monumental task but the prize is definitely worth it. Unlocking Luigi will not just let you play as the less-beloved Mario brother, it will also unlock a new version of the game to use him in.

Once you collect all 120 Stars you can speak with Rosalina then beat Bowser for a second time to unlock Luigi. You’ll then gain access to Super Luigi Galaxy, a new version of the game with the same levels but featuring Luigi as the playable character. He controls quite differently, making for a new challenge since he runs faster and jumps higher but also has less traction. Once you collect all 120 Stars again you’ll also be able to get the very last Star in the game, with a new purple coin mission unlocking at Peach’s Castle.

So that’s how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy, as part of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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