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Super Mario 64 – How to Beat Big Bob-Bomb

Mario's first 3D boss isn't tough, but he's confusing

by Kyle Hanson


The Mario series isn’t really known for its boss battles, and yet that’s exactly how Super Mario 64 introduces new players to its world. After getting inside of Peach’s Castle and jumping into your first painting you’ll be tasked with taking down Big Bob-Bomb, who sits atop the nearby mountain. Once you get there the battle will begin, but you might find all your usual tricks fail you. Jumping on him does nothing, even punching his face will just get you tossed around. So what do you do? Here’s how to beat Big Bob-Bomb in Super Mario 64 on Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

How to Beat Big Bob-Bomb

The answer is to do to him what he’s been doing to you this whole time. You need to pick  him up and toss him onto his backside, which is the real secret here. Your main goal is to get behind Big Bob-Bomb then punch him to pick him up. To do this either run circles around him until you get there, or jump over him. I find that crouching and jumping over his head works best, but try whatever works best for you to get behind him, then punch to pick him up.

Unlike what he does to you, which is tossing you off the side of the mountain, you want Big Bob-Bomb to slam into the ground, so face away from the edge and throw him so he lands nearby, taking damage. After three throws, without being thrown off the mountaintop yourself you will be victorious.

So that’s how to beat Big Bob-Bomb in Super Mario 64 on Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It’s important to get the hang of this because it’s the format for all the Bowser boss battles as well. Once you get that star you won’t have another big boss fight for a while though.

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