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Super Mario 64 – How to Unlock the Wing Cap (Red Box)

What are the red boxes and how to use them

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario 64 may be all about jumping, but once you get the Wing Cap you can also fly. Well, fall with style I suppose, as you’re always drifitng slowly toward the ground. But still, the freedom you feel and the places you can reach will be truly exhilarating once you have the Wing Cap ready to go. But at the beggining of the game that Wing Cap is locked away behind translucent, unusable red boxes. Here’s how to unlock the Wing Cap and make those red boxes solid in Super Mario 64.

How to Unlock the Wing Cap

The first step toward unlocking the Wing Cap is to get the right number of Stars. You need 10 Stars to do it, so complete any levels you can to get to that number. Once you do you might notice some changes to the main hall of Princess Peach’s Castle. A bright light will be shining down from the ceiling. Just walk underneath it then use the camera to look up, directly into the light.

This will magically teleport you to a new stage high up in the clouds. You’ll start off with the Wing Cap on, which will allow you to fly around collecting the 8 Red Coins floating in the air. Just follow the trail of coins and don’t worry if you miss some, you can come back and try again later. Your real target is on the platform in the middle of the stage. The giant red button here will unlock the Wing Cap throughout Super Mario 64.

Fly down to it then ground pound by jumping and pressing ZL and you’ll depress the button and that’s how to unlock the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64. Those red boxes will now be solid, letting you hit them and retrieve the Wing Cap inside.

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