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Super Mario Bros. 35 – How To Get And Play

Won't just find it for a normal purchase on the eShop.

by Dean James


Last month’s surprise Super Mario 35th Anniversary Nintendo Direct gave us a number of announcements, such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury that were both coming to the Nintendo Switch. One of the most unique announcements though was that of Super Mario Bros. 35, which is a battle royale style way of playing classic Mario akin to how Tetris 99 works. This isn’t a game you’ll just find for sale on the eShop though and this guide will you just how to play it.

How To Play

Just like we alluded to above with Tetris 99, Super Mario Bros. 35 is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. While Tetris 99 did eventually get a paid version you could get as well, Super Mario Bros. 35 might not since it has a set end date when it will not longer be playable.

For those wanting to play the game, you first have to have the subscription. Then, you will have to wait until around noon ET today, October 1, 2020, to find it on the eShop. When you go to the eShop, you should find it likely on the first screen when you load up the eShop or at worst in the Nintendo Switch Online section.

While the game won’t be launching in the US until around noon as with most of their lesser launches, you can technically go ahead and get in on the action right now by changing your region for your eShop. This can be done from the Nintendo website and will require you to have no funds left in your account and all subscription auto-renewals turned off. You can even change your region back immediately after and still be able to play without any issues.

There are probably more regions with it available now, but Japan definitely has it available already if you’re looking for one in particular to switch to and play. Otherwise, you can just wait until noon ET and should be able to find it on the American eShop as well as long as you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber.

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