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Super Mario Maker 2 How to Delete Uploaded Levels

Clear up some upload space to make more levels.

by William Schwartz


Super Mario Maker 2 allows you to create the Mario levels, but the game has a cap on how many levels you can upload.  If you need to clear some space in your uploaded levels you’ll need to delete uploaded levels from your Maker profile.  This process is pretty straight forward, but is in a completely different area from the upload section.  This guide will explain how to delete your uploaded levels in Mario Maker 2.

Assuming you have levels that you want to delete, you’re going to want to head into your Maker profile.  This is located in the Course World section of the main menu.  Your Maker profile can be accessed on the right hand side of the screen, but the option you’re looking for is in the top left in a small square that can be accessed by pressing the Y Button.

Pressing Y here will open your Maker Profile and has things like Overview, Uploaded Courses, Liked Courses, Played Courses and more.  You’re going to want to head into the Uploaded Courses section and then view the courses that you’ve uploaded.  Select the course that you would like to delete and a new window will open that shows some stats about your course.  In the bottom left of this screen there is a delete button.

Press the delete button and you will be prompted with a warning that says “This course will be deleted from the server.  Once deleted, courses cannot be restored” asking if you would like to continue with the deletion.  If so, press Yes and the course will be deleted freeing space in your uploads section.

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