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Super Mario Maker 2 How to Earn Medals

There are 10 different medals you can earn.

by William Schwartz


Super Mario Maker 2 uses a system of medals to track your achievements.  They come in different variants like Gold, Silver, and Bronze and they are earned by completing different challenges.  Earning medals in Super Mario Maker 2 requires that you place high enough on the Course World leaderboard for a certain category to get the medal.

Earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze Mario Maker 2 medals for each of the 10 categories

Medals can be earned for Maker Points (All Time), Maker Points (Weekly), Number of Level Clears, Number of First Clears, Number of World Records, Multiplayer Versus Score, Endless Challenge Score for Easy, Normal, Expert, and Super Expert.  To earn a medal you will need to place within the top 10,000 players for one of these categories.

First, Second and Third place in these categories will get Ribbon Medals of Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  While places 4-100 will get Gold Medals, 101 – 2000 will get Silver, and 2001 – 10,000 will get Bronze.  Since these medals are tied to your rank on a leaderboard it IS possible to lose medals once you’ve earned them if someone passes you on the leaderboard for that category.

If someone does pass you on the Mario Maker 2 leaderboard for a specific category, you will still get to keep any outfit or clothing that was earned for getting it.

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