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Super Mario Maker 2 How to Find Course ID

Share your ID or someone else's.

by William Schwartz


In Super Mario Maker course ids are the way that you find courses from other players and share your created levels.  So where do you get your course id?  In this guide we’ll explain where you need to look to get the course id for your created courses and the course id for levels that other players create.

Let’s start with getting your Course ID for a level that you’ve created.  When you upload a level, you will get a course ID when it is created.  If you want easy access to your course ID to share on social media or other areas, you might want to write it down at this point.  But, the game will also store your course ID as well if you know where to look.

Getting your course ID


You can grab the course ID for any course that you’ve created by looking in your Maker Profile.  If you head into the Course World menu option you will be able to access the profile and grab your course ID for anything you’ve uploaded.  When in the Course World menu just press the Y Button to access your profile.  From there you will tab over to uploaded courses and then select the course you want to get the ID for.  Once you select the course you will see the course ID near the bottom right of the level card on the screen.  Jot down this nine character ID as it is your Course ID for that specific level.

Getting the Course ID of someone else’s level

If you want to get the Course ID of someone else’s level you can do that in a number of different places.  You can get the Course ID for all the levels that you’ve played as well as levels that you’ve liked in your Maker Profile.  You can also get course IDs for any course that a creator has made through viewing their profile of uploaded levels.  Or you can look for the Course ID on the level cards that are in the popular, hot, new, or searched courses in the Courses section of Course World.

All of the Course ID will always be found in the same spot though.  On the cards that are created for a course it will always be the nine digit number on the bottom right of the screen.

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