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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Play Local Multiplayer

Couch co-op is back!

by Kyle Hanson


The Mario series of platforming games has always had multiplayer as a core component, but until recent entries most titles offered local multiplayer only in the loosest sense. Players could take turns tackling levels, alternating with each death. More recent games have changed that though, letting players take on levels together in a co-op sort of setup. Super Mario Maker 2 continues this tradition, though getting it to work is a bit of a challenge. Here’s how to play local multiplayer in Super Mario Maker 2.

How to Play Local Multiplayer

If you’ve been tackling levels inside of Course World, wondering how to play local multiplayer in them, then you are close to your goal but need to know the specifics. You see, to play local multiplayer co-op you need to download the stage onto your Switch. Choose the Download option on the level you wish to play with your friends to start, saving it to one of your free slots within the game. Once it’s downloaded, you are about ready to play.

Once downloaded just head to Coursebot to load the new level. On the right side you should see a Play Together button. Tap or choose that to allow for local multiplayer on this Super Mario Maker 2 level. Now all you have to do is activate and connect all the necessary controllers and you’ll be good to go. Any level you download should support this, no matter what the description displays.

That’s how to play local multiplayer in Super Mario Maker 2. This differs from online multiplayer in a bunch of ways, including the fact that you currently can’t play with specific friends online. If you really want to play through a level with your buddies, it seems like you’ll have to actually get together in person. What sort of backwards, 1980’s sort of world does Nintendo think we’re living in?

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